16-Bit Dad isn’t just a blog! Did you know that?

That’s right! There’s also 16-Bit Dad TV, the name I have given my YouTube channel. On 16-Bit Dad TV, you’ll find weekly videos on retro gaming, in the form of reviews, gameplay videos and vlogs, amongst other things.

I have three main focus “shows”, as it were;

  • Weekly Retro – a weekly, episodic series where we sit down and play through the first 30 minutes or so of various different retro games, from the Amiga to the PS3, looking at their gameplay, storyline and presentation. All games featured are chosen by my Patreon supporters!
  • Retro Writing – a weekly, episodic show where we dissect the storyline of a game, taking each part of it and analysing it in detail to determine the themes, hidden elements and overall takeaways from the plot.
  • 16-Bit Vlogs – a more personal view at life as a Dad, a retro gamer and a human being, covering a variety of topics such as how to be a good Dad or what games to play with your kids. You’ll also get gadget reviews and unboxings as well!

So, as you can tell, it really is an addition to the 16-Bit Dad Blog, allowing me to give you even more content to indulge on! So, why not check out the shows by click on the big ol’ title cards below, or visit 16-Bit Dad TV on YouTube to watch from there?

Oh, and whilst you’re there, if you do enjoy the videos it would be awesome and super helpful if you would like, share and/or subscribe too!