Welcome To The Family, Son!

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Want to join a community that’s more like a family? One where you can talk about pretty much anything?



Like meeting new and awesome friends who share the same tastes, who you’ll just want to talk to more, all the time?



Want to have your say in how 16-Bit Dad grows, what I write about and which games I livestream?



Ready for some downright, good old fashion fun with some of the most amazing yet random people you’ll find?

Does that sound like you? If so, you’re in the right place my friend!

The Tribe is family. The Trible is life. The Tribe is awesome!


Weird, Wonderful and Random

If ever there were three words to describe what to expect from the Tribe, those would be the ones!

In short, the 16-Bit Tribe are followers of 16-Bit Dad, but much more than that! They are my supporters and friends. They are the ones who get up close and personal with both me and my blog. The Tribe are the people who can contact me at almost any time, and who can share pretty much everything and anything with myself and each other.

Through our Private Discord server, you’ll get instant access to this group of amazing people! But that’s not all. For the VIP members of the 16-Bit Tribe, you can even get to be on my livestreams through the VIP-only Voice Chat channel. Pretty damn awesome, don’t you think?

Become A VIP!


But Wait, There’s More!

Did you know that there’s also a VIP section to the Tribe? Well, now you do! And you’re probably wondering what a VIP Tribe member gets, right? Let’s take a look!

  • Early access to blog posts and videos.
  • The ability to appear and chat in one of my streams.
  • VIP-only videos and behind-the-scenes details.
  • The chance to get your questions answered on my videos.
  • Access to the VIP chat in Discord and the Supporter’s┬áCommunity.
  • You could even get a 16-Bit Dad t-shirt.

Pretty cool, right? You get all of this, whilst also getting to show off your VIP status and support of the 16-Bit Tribe!

Get The Tribe Treatment

But how do you become a member of the 16-Bit Tribe and get all of these awesome extras? It’s pretty simple really! By signing up as a Patron of 16-Bit Dad, you get Tribe status and also help me keep this place going and grow it even further!

To sign up and get your Tribe status today, just click the button below!