Reviews are becoming one of the major parts of 16-Bit Dad, whether it’s a review of a new retro gaming inspired indie game, a PSX classic, gaming peripheral, a toy for kids or a security gates for the house.

I take great care in my reviews, doing my best to be as accurate as possible, as well as providing actual criticism rather than simply moaning or praising the subject of the review constantly. On top of that, I am always open to suggestions on how to improve my reviews, which you can send to me using the contact form below.

How I Review

As stated above, I take great pride in my reviews, but I don’t take myself too seriously! All of my reviews come from me, and as such are in the first person and are written conversationally. These reviews are here to give my opinion on the product/service, so that means I will be “talking” about said product/service as if I was discussing it with friends, in person.

Also, I try my best to avoid cliches that are otherwise completely useless to anyone! For example, if I ever say “the controls feel like a tank” in a gaming review, please send me a digital slap across the face with a wet fish! And anyone who gets that reference is awesome! Anyway, I will always endeavour to analyse and assess every detail of the product and provide a fair and honest review of it.

What I Review

One thing that everyone does nowadays, especially parents and retro gaming lovers, is to look at a review before buying a product. It’s just the way things are these days! That’s why I review products that would be interesting to my readers. Whether it’s an app or a piece of computer hardware, or even a smart phone accessory, as long as my readers would find it useful, I’m more than happy to review it! That said, here are the categories of products that I review:

  • Kids toys
  • Kids movies/tv shows
  • Toddler-suitable furniture
  • Toddler-suitable food and drink
  • Kids clothes
  • Computer and gaming Peripherals
  • Video games for Android, PC or PS4 (indy games welcome)
  • Gaming, anime or movie related merchandise and decor
  • Rock music of pretty much any sub genre
  • Speakers, headphones etc
  • Pretty much any gadget

However, if your product doesn’t fit in those categories but would still be of interest to parents or retro gamers, or to techies in general, I may still review it. The final decision will be mine, based upon whether I think my readers would be interested in your product or not.

Each review will cover various aspects of a product in detail, rather than just a quick two liner. For example, for a computer based app it would include installation, effectiveness of the product, usability and cost. All of my reviews will be entirely honest! Whilst I do accept products for reviewing, receiving one does not guarantee a stellar, 5 star review. I will test the product and write the review based solely on that test.



Scoring System

  • 0%-10% – Kill it with fire! No, seriously! Do it right now! Do not let this thing touch you!
  • 11%-39% – Expect to see this on a list of things better left forgotten. This really isn’t worth the time or money needed to make use of it.
  • 40%-49% – Functional, but majorly flawed and/or disappointing in terms of use, enjoyment or productivity.
  • 50%-59% – Utterly average. There’s not much more to say, really. If there are better alternatives, you might want to look into them…
  • 60%-69% – Not too bad… If this was a toy it would be one of those relatively good ones you can find hidden away in the attic because the kids found other things that were more fun. But it’s still pretty good.
  • 70%-79% – This is where things start to get good. At this stage, you’re looking at something that I would recommend, but not scream and jump up and down about.
  • 80%-89% – A great piece of kit that you should definitely take a look at!
  • 90%-94% – Time to get your wallet out! This is a really high recommendation that means the product/service wins on almost all accounts! There are still some things holding it back from that near-perfect score, but it’s up there!
  • 95%-98% – Absolutely fucking amazing! One of the best products/services of its kind and one that you need to be looking at right now! Are you? Why are you not looking at it right now?
  • 99%-100% – A true “deus ex machina”… The holy grail, if you want. If you don’t have this already, then hang your head in shame! Hang it!
  • 16-Bit Awards – Taking place every December, the 16-Bit Awards showcase my picks for the best products, games and personalities within the retro gaming, gaming and parenting world for that year. (Note that retro gaming related products may not have been released that year.)

Please note that, whilst others may get their reviews out earlier than I do and then adjust scores later, I aim for accuracy rather than beating the clock! My reviews are published when they are complete and ready, and scores will not be adjusted without good reason. As such, my reviews may appear to be rather late, but you can be sure that they are a fair and realistic representation of the product/service, that has been deeply tested.

So, there you have it! If you are interested in having your product or service reviewed here on 16-Bit Dad, feel free to get in touch via the links below and I’ll get back to you as soon as humanly possible (no automated, robotic replies here, my friend)!

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