As an adult, you may have an entire house to fine tune to your desired taste. However, your kid has only one room: the bedroom. Decorating his/her bedroom is the most important thing to do in your house because the room is where they sleep, play, and work.

Decorating your kid’s room provides a good opportunity for him/her to express his/her personality. You can also have a chance to learn more about your kid. Therefore, the kid’s room should be decorated carefully-make it a colourful and educational place. Although doing decoration could be a challenge, make sure you allow the kid/s to have a say; let them choose what they want.

Check out the tips provided on how to decorate your child’s bedroom.

Choose a Color Palette

The first step when decorating your kid’s room is to pick colours. You can select a neutral colour, for example, green or orange to create a cheerful ambience and then two or three more colours that blend with it. Doing so will create an eye-catching space. You should also have an option to switch out colours just in case your kid decides one day that he/she don’t like a certain colour. It’s also important to have in your possession the colour swatches when you decide to shop for an additional décor.

Design your kid’s bedroom lighting

Lighting does more than to illuminate a room. It sets the tone of a room and complement styles as well. When it comes to lighting ideas for kids, there are plenty. However, you need to think about the activities that your kid likes doing in his/her room. Does your kid read in bed? Does he construct model or artworks? You need to put all these into consideration.

Furthermore, remember to include accent and ambient lighting. If your kid loves watching stars, you may consider having a star projector in his/her room. There are some really good projectors out there, for example, the Home Planetariums. Buy one that will suit the taste of your child, but be careful when buying the projector so that you won’t buy a junk one.

Provide maximum space

Your child needs an ample space to move, play, and entertain his/her friends. Give him more space by reorganizing the room. One way is to move furniture, for example, moving a bed to the corner. Just play around with the interior design of their room.

Use your kid works of art as decoration

It’s obvious that kids produce a lot of craft projects and pictures. Make use of these works of art by hanging in their bedroom. They add life to their bedrooms and make it enjoyable. You may also decorate the room’s ceiling with a glow. They will enjoy staring at it before they sleep.

Add Storage

Providing storage spaces in their room will teach them how to be organized. It also enables your kid to perform practical life activities thus promoting his/her development. Therefore, add storage space that your kids will use to place their belongings. You can place some clothing in drawers so that they can select their own outfit. Additionally, place a laundry basket in their room to put their dirty clothes.

Mirror your child interest

Decorating your kid’s bedroom with stuff related to what he/she is interested in will encourage and motivate him. In fact, they may be inspired to choose their future profession. Decorate the bedroom in a tasteful way; if your boy loves action and sports, hang a net or basketball hoop. Make sure you give him a softball to prevent breakages. You can also compete with him during your free time.

Go for Fun Furniture Pieces

Any piece of furniture comes in a nice form and shape. Choose a furniture, which has simple lines. The age of your kid will also determine the type of furniture to go for. If your child is between the age of 7 and 10, a bed shaped like a racecar is great. Daybeds or oak wood are also some good choices in furniture; these beds blend with any colour and may be used by a kid at any age.

Set up a theme

Choose fabrics matching the theme of the room: You can select bedding that fit the theme as well as those that offer comfortability. Also, give the room a unique look by matching the curtains, sheets, and pillows. Before you settle on a theme, figure out what your child loves and go for it.
Consider facilities for his/her friends

Children love sleepover, and it’s the only way they bond outside the school. So, to help your child, make sure that there is an additional space or toys for her friends when they are around.
Use Wall Stickers

Enhance the appearance of your kid’s room by adding cheerful wall stickers. This will create a playful ambience in his or her bedroom. The walls in the bedroom may determine the ambience; so, it’s advisable to add lively wall stickers.

These decoration ideas will definitely help you create a bedroom that your child will love and enjoy spending his/her time. Most importantly, never force your taste on your kid. Strike a balance between your own taste and your kid’s taste. Above all, let your kids have a say!

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