100 Truths About 16-Bit Dad

Well, this is going to be interesting… When I started blogging, I didn’t really know anything about all of these chain posts and whatnot. Yet now I’ve been tagged in, possibly, a very intriguing one.

Stuart over at Three Time Daddy tagged me in his 100 Truths post, which means that I need to answer 100 questions, truthfully, and then tag other bloggers! So, here are the questions;


Q1: What’s your name?

A – Gareth.

Q2: Any nicknames or aliases?

A – Gaz, Dadda, Oi, Hey and “Fat Jesus”…

Q3: Your gender?

A – Male.

Q4: Your star sign?

A – Aquarius

Q5: How old are you?

A – 29 (holding on to the last month and bit!!)

Q6: Your relationship status?

A – Married for 7 years.

Q7: Any children?

A – Well, I wouldn’t be the 16-Bit Dad if I didn’t have a child… So yeah, one amazing daughter!

Q8: Any pets?

A – Not anymore… Used to have a Maine Coon cat…

Q9: Any tattoos or piercings?

A – No piercings, but I have five tattoos – a celtic cross on my leg, a dragon on one arm, a raven and the chinese character for love on the other, and single black wing on my back (as a reference to Sephiroth, the One Winged Angel from FF7).

Q10: What do you like about yourself?

A – That I’m able to at least look like I’m not too bad at this whole adulting thing.

Q11: What do you dislike about yourself?

A – 99% of me, really…

Q12: Righty or lefty?

A – Lefty!


Q13: The last thing you drank?

A – Sparkling summer fruits flavoured water.

Q14: The last thing you ate?

A – A knock off Twix from Lidl.

Q15: Your last phone call?

A – Calling the estate agent to ask about the type of flooring under the carpets of the house we are hoping to buy.

Q16: Your last text message?

A – Work related shizzle…

Q17: Your last email?

A – Same as above…

Q18: The last song you listened to?

A – Just Breathe by Pearl Jam.

Q19: The last book you read?

A – A bunch of kids books… I haven’t read a grown up book in ages, haha.

Q20: The last time you cried?

A – When I rewatched Green Mile.

Q21: The last blog you read?

A – Aside from Three Time Daddy’s own 100 Truths post, that would be Elle May’s post about being nominated for the UK Blog Awards.

Q22: The last person you spoke to?

A – My work colleague as he came into the office.

Q23: The last place you visited?

A – Queensgate shopping centre in Peterborough…

Q24: Your last holiday abroad?

A – Bulgaria, last year, to see the in-laws..


Q25: Have you ever gotten back with an ex?

A – Nope.

Q26: Have you ever been cheated on?

A – Yes.

Q27: Have you ever cheated on someone?

A – Nope.

Q28: Have you ever lost someone special to you?

A – Yes, a number of times.

Q29: Have you ever been so drunk you threw up?

A – A few times, many years ago now.

Q30: Have you ever fallen out of love with someone?

A – Nope, not really. The first time I can say I truly felt love was with the lady who is now my wife.

Q31: Have you ever met someone who changed you?

A – Everyone I meet has changed the way I view life, as my experiences and knowledge grows.

Q32: Have you ever been in a situation where you found out who your real friends are?

A – Most certainly… Being homeless (even if just for a few weeks) certainly showed me that!

Q33: Have you ever kissed someone you probably shouldn’t have?

A – A couple of times when I was a teen, yeah…

Q34: Have you ever found out people were talking about you behind your back?

A – Many, many times… That’s always going to happen, isn’t it?

Q35: Have you ever broken someone’s heart?

A – Sadly, I have…

Q36: Have you ever kissed a stranger?

A – Yep…

Q37: Have you ever had your own heart-broken?

A – Too many times to count.

Q38: Have you ever had sex on the first date?

A – Nope, I’m a bit too old-fashioned for that..

Q39: Have you ever been arrested?

A – Nope.

Q40: Have you ever been attracted to someone who isn’t the gender you usually find attractive?

A – I have a bit of a man-crush on Norman Reedus, so I guess that counts…

Q41: Have you ever done something you regret?

A – Of course! That’s just a part of living life, isn’t it?

Q42: Have you ever had a threesome?

A – Nope…

Q43: Have you ever embarrassed yourself in public?

A – When I was a teen, I was always embarrassed, so yes… But now, I don’t embarrass easily.

Q44: Have you ever misjudged someone?

A – I have, and I felt very bad for it afterwards.


Q45: Do you believe in God?

A – I do not. I “beleive” in energy, and that when we die, our bodies feed energy to other organisms.

Q46: Do you believe in yourself?

A – Well, I know I am real, if that counts…

Q47: Do you believe in Santa Claus?

A – No, but then, I have always been very hard to make believe in things, even when I was a child.

Q48: Do you believe in ghosts?

A – I would like to, as it could mean that my Dad was still able to be here.

Q49: Do you believe in aliens?

A – Yes, because I find the idea that, in an infinitely large universe, humans being the only “intelligent” life is rather self-centered…

Q50: Do you believe in miracles?

A – Well, I have a daughter, don’t I?

Q51: Do you believe in the power of positive thinking?

A – Yes. I just wish I could do it more often.

Q52: Do you believe in love at first sight?

A – I think you can have an instant attraction to someone, and care for them a lot. But actual love takes time to grow.

Q53: Can money make you happy?

A – By itself, no. However, by having enough money to life a comfortable and happy life, whilst providing the same for your loved ones, can make you happy.

Q54: Would you describe yourself as a feminist?

A – In the sense that I feel everyone in the world deserves an equal chance, then yes.

Q55: Are you pro-life or pro-choice?

A – Pro-choice.

Q56: Do you have strong political beliefs?

A – Completely. And most people don’t like how left-wing I am.

Q57: Do you have strong religious beliefs?

A – Not in the slightest.

Q58: What do you think the most important thing you can give a child is?

A – Love, time, attention and security.


Q59: Are you eating anything right now?

A – Just finished.

Q60: Are you drinking anything right now?

A – Fanta Zero

Q61: What are you listening to right now?

A – My daughter trying to talk to me whilst drinking…

Q62: What are you thinking about right now?

A – Which chair I want to buy.

Q63: What are you waiting for right now?

A – Banofee pie

Q64: What are you most excited about right now?

A – Moving house

Q65) What’s your pet hate right now?

A – People who use the wrong lane on a roundabout, just to cut in front of you to avoid the traffic.

Q66: What’s your favourite thing right now?

A – My silver PS2…

Q67: If you weren’t answering these questions, what would you be doing right now?

A – Right now? Planning my game room or looking for house decorations.


Q68: Your first best friend?

A – Adam, from when I was 7 to about 18, when he proceeded to get angry with me and boot me in the eye.

Q69: Your first kiss?

A – A girl called Charlotte in year 7.

Q70: Your first celebrity crush?

A – Tiffani Amber Thiessen

Q71: Your first holiday?

A – Corfu when I was a kid. I made friends with the hotel owners, haha.

Q72: Your first pet?

A – A cat called Tom. Inventive name, I know.

Q73: Your first regret?

A – Words I said as a 3 year old, a few days before my Dad died.

Q74: Your first job?

A – I worked a chip shop/chinese takeaway.

Q75: Your first childhood memory?

A – Funnily enough, my first holiday.


Q76: Love or money?

A – Love.

Q77: Twitter or Facebook?

A – Twitter.

Q78: Hook up or relationship?

A – Relationship.

Q:79: Dogs or cats?

A – Cats.

Q80: Coffee or tea?

A – Tea

Q81: Beer or wine?

A – Can I choose whiskey instead?

Q82: Sweet or savoury?

A – Sweet.

Q83: Introvert or extrovert?

A – Introvert who tries to act fun.

Q84: Vampires or werewolves?

A – Vampires, but only in the Vampire: The Masquerade/Interview with the Vampire style.

Q85: Seaside or countryside?

A – Countryside, without a second thought.

Q86: Summer or winter?

A – Winter, because I can go snowboarding.

Q87: Books or movies?

A – Why can’t we just have both?

Q88: Horror or comedy?

A – Old-school horror, from the 60s – 90s. Modern horror is generally pretty poor.


Q89: Do you wish you could change your past?

A – If I changed anything, I may not have gotten to where I am now, and I wouldn’t have my daughter, so no.

Q90: What’s your dream job?

A – Running this blog full time.

Q91: What’s your guilty pleasure?

A – I’m a huge fan of wrestling… Like, a massive fan of it…

Q92: What are you afraid of?

A – My daughter growing up in a world of hate, anger and pointless violence.

Q93: What was the first thing you wanted to be when you grew up?

A – A wrestler.

Q94: If you could have any super power, what would it be?

A – I’d just be Goku… I mean, who wouldn’t?

Q95: If you could change anything about your life what would it be?

A – I’d have enough money that I wouldn’t need to go to work 8 – 9 hours a day, instead being able to spend that time with my family.

Q96: Would you want immortality?

A – Only if everyone I loved was immortal as well.

Q97: If you could interview anyone alive or dead who would you choose?

A – Martin Luther King, without a doubt.

Q98: Would you say you are happy?

A – 99% of the time, yes. At least, as much as you can be as someone who has lived with depression for years.

Q99: What one piece of advice would you give to yourself at age eighteen?

A – Life gets so much better, so stop moaning and get on with it.

Q100: Where would you like to be in five years’ time?

A – Not answering that question in an interview ever again.

And That’s All Folks

Those were my answers to the 100 Truths questions… I hope you found that interesting at least! And now I need to “nominate” other bloggers to answer these wonderful questions. So, here goes;

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