I’m going to start this little post with a confession; I never really thought anyone would be interested in reading what I have to say about anything. 16-Bit Dad was actually started as a way to document what I learn about parenting so that I could reference it later. The idea of actually getting followers and readers was something I just didn’t think would happen. So, if you’re reading this right now, thank you and you are awesome!

What also blows my mind is how my Twitter following has reached over 5,600 people. I never expected to reach more than a few hundred at best. So thank you to all of you as well! You guys rock!

What It Means To Me

And so, we now come to the current situation, where I have been blogging for just over a year, and I’m absolutely loving it. Also, sorry about the number of times that I’ll be saying “I” in this post… But seriously, blogging has become such a strong passion of mine now, and whilst I’m certainly not the best at it, I’m trying to learn and improve.

So, when I found out that this little blog of mine had made it to the public vote for the UK Blog Awards, you can imagine my surprise and joy.

Now, I don’t expect that I’ll win an award (just being honest with myself), but at the very least, it would mean so much to me if I were able to make it to the shortlist. It would probably be the best Christmas present I could get, apart from maybe a SNES Classic Mini… But as this is a public vote, it would mean more to me than just being able to put a badge on my blog’s sidebar. Instead, it would feel like you guys actually do enjoy my blog and what I write about.

The Categories

16-Bit Dad is currently entered into two different categories; Digital & Technology and Parenting. They are pretty fitting categories, considering the whole retro gaming and parenting aspects of this blog. And I’m up against some other very cool blogs as well, including some that I hadn’t heard of before but am now very interested in.

So again, I genuinely don’t have any expectations of grandeur and the idea of winning is certainly a massive long shot, kind of like this gif really.

However, being shortlisted by the public vote would be amazing! And so, I must ask a favour of you all. If you could click on the big UK Blog Awards image below and vote for 16-Bit Dad, I would be eternally grateful! I mean, seriously… You have no idea how much it would mean to me!

But Why Should You Vote?

Well now, that’s the million dollar (or vote) question, really… And in truth, it is entirely up to you. There are some outstanding bloggers nominated, and I’m actually really humbled to be included in a list with them. But naturally, I would prefer it if you were to vote for me.

As part of the nomination process, I had to write a small piece about why you should vote for me, so rather than just rehash the exact same thing, here’s what it says on the 16-Bit Dad voting page:

I’ve never been very good at saying nice things about myself, so this is going to be hard. 16-Bit Dad has given me a huge boost in confidence! The fact that over 5,000 people are interested enough in what I say to follow me on Twitter, read my posts and comment on them is a massive deal to me. So I strive to make sure I am always giving the best content I can for them! Whether that means only sleeping for 5 hours so I can stay up until 1am writing a post, or waking up at 5am so I have time in the morning, I do everything I can to make sure I give my readers the best I possibly can. Because in the end, they are giving me their time by reading my posts!

Now, I’ve only been doing this for a year, but I’ve worked on the blog constantly… And I am talking every day. There have been times when I published 5 blog posts in a day… And so, I want to be able to show others out there that it is all worth it, and that it pays off in the end.

So thank you for reading this, and if you could vote for me, that would be amazing!


Click to vote!

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