A good website is at the heart of all marketing strategies these days and a lot of time and money goes into making sure that customers are getting there in the first place, and making meaningful interactions when they’re already on the site. If things aren’t going great, you’ll do all of the usual checks. How much traffic are you getting? How long are people staying on the site before leaving? Can people navigate the website easily? But what do you do if you’ve checked all of that stuff and it all seems fine, yet you still aren’t seeing any actual conversions from the traffic that you get? There are so many things that could be going wrong, lots of them not so obvious. These are some of the hidden reasons why your website isn’t performing as well as you hoped.

Spelling Errors

Spelling errors might not seem that important to you and if there are a couple of mistakes here and there, you wouldn’t think it would affect the overall performance of your site, but you’re wrong. When a customer sees a spelling error, they don’t just see a mistyped word, they see an indictment of your company as a whole. To them, that mistake says that you haven’t taken much care over the site which suggests two things; you’re careless in general, and you don’t take pride in your product. Those are two qualities that people definitely don’t want to see in a company that they’re giving their money to so it could easily lose you sales. Before you post anything, no matter how small, double and triple check it for spelling and grammar mistakes.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is a big problem, partly because people often misunderstand the phrase. It doesn’t mean content that’s been plagiarized from somewhere else, although that’s a big problem as well. Duplicate content refers to content that appears under two different URLs on your site. Check out this guide to duplicate content to wrap your head around what it actually means. Duplicate content isn’t a problem for people that visit the site but it affects your search engine rankings a lot. The algorithms that dictate the rankings will pick up on duplicate content and you’ll be heavily penalized for it, pushing you down the rankings. You already know that bad SEO drives traffic down more than anything else so double check your site to make sure that you don’t have duplicate content. The most common place for it to occur is on your homepage; for example, if you’ve got “homepage.com” and “www.homepage.com” both leading to the same page, that’s duplicate content.

The Wrong Audience

Just because you’ve got loads of traffic and all of those users are browsing multiple pages on your site before leaving, that doesn’t guarantee sales. You need all of those visitors to be people that are actually likely to buy your products. This one easily goes under the radar because you just look at the numbers and think everything is fine because they’re high. But if you still aren’t making sales, you need to ask yourself whether you’re attracting the right visitors and if not, have a rethink.

There are so many different reasons that your site is under performing so make sure you’ve checked for these hidden ones.

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