Big blockbuster games are pretty expensive these days, you’re looking at paying £50 at least for a new release. A lot of gamers are getting tired of paying for these big games because a lot of them don’t have enough content to reflect the inflated price. Microtransactions and DLC are a big thing nowadays as well so even after you’ve shelled out the £50 for the base game, you could end up spending a load more if you want all of the content that gets released. Microtransactions in online games also mean that the players that are willing to pay more get an advantage which is frustrating for the rest of us.

That’s why a lot of players are turning away from the big blockbuster releases and going for indie games or retro games instead. But you might still feel like you’re missing out on the experience you get from some of the most anticipated releases. But fear not, there are some great retro alternatives to the biggest games on the market right now.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the most anticipated games ever and the reception has been good. It’s one of the most detailed open world games ever and the online version has just launched, but people are a little ticked off about the microtransactions involved. If you want the cowboy experience but you’re not willing to pay £50 plus and then microtransactions if you want to get by online, why not go back to where it all started?

Most people remember Red Dead Redemption but a lot of people don’t realize that there was a game before that. Red Dead Revolver, first released on the PS2 is a great little game with a brilliant storyline and some exceptional shootout sequences. It’s not an open world game so if that’s what you’re after it might not be ideal but if you want the old west gaming experience without the price tag, it’s perfect. If you haven’t got an old PS2 lying around you can download an emulator on your computer that will play it.

Fallout 76

Fallout 76 was another game that had people excited until the beta was released, and then the uproar started. There are some people that are enjoying it but all of the massive bugs and scandals around the collector’s edition, as well as the dreaded microtransactions, have left a lot of players disappointed.

If you’re put off getting Fallout 76 but you still want a new RPG experience, why not look at some of the great Japanese anime RPGs instead. They’re a big thing there and there are loads of great titles that have great worldbuilding and a lot of the depth that people feel are missing from the latest Fallout title.

Spider Man

The latest Spider Man release is the biggest selling PlayStation exclusive and for good reason. It’s one of the few games that I’ve spent the time to get 100 percent completion on and every second of it was great fun. There is DLC for it but at £15.99 for all 3, they’re reasonably priced and give a good amount of content for the money. But you might not have the £50 to spend on it right now, in which case, you should go for Spiderman 2 on the PS2 instead.

It’s a great game with the same iconic villains, open world feel and plenty of side missions to get stuck into. Apart from a bit of dodgy voice acting, it’s got everything that you could want from a decent Spiderman game to tide you over until you can afford the latest release.

If you’re struggling to find the money to buy the latest blockbuster releases, these great retro options are a great alternative.

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