In this post, we are going to look at three ways to enhance your gaming experience.

Upgrade your fan

Finding the right fan for a gaming computer depends on what sort of compromise you are prepared to take. On the one hand, having more fans will keep your gaming computer cool, optimizing the gaming experience; however, that also means that there are more dust and particles entering the computer, eventually having an effect on the heat sinks.

The smartest thing to do is to use the games you’d normally play, and while you’re doing so, try to monitor the CPU and GPU. You can then simply add more fans until the gaming experience becomes stable.

It’s likely that you’re not gaming 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so the computer will have time to cool down. It may only become a major issue if you are gaming for prolonged periods of time without many breaks.

You could have two fans, you could have ten; it entirely depends upon you as the user. It’s a case of trial and error until you are happy with the setup. What is clear, however, is that the standard fan you get if you are upgrading a computer for gaming will be probably insufficient for the task at hand, and will need an upgrade.

Create a fun setting

Make sure your gaming room is a fun place to be in. It is advisable to look at websites like and other places where you can get figurines and merchandise related to the games you are interested in. This will make your gaming room much more exciting to be in.

Invest in a good case

When it comes to choosing the right case, the key feature is the ability of the case to provide good airflow. Without good airflow, the case would create unnecessary heat, and, therefore, reduce the performance of the computer. This would lower the gaming experience, which nobody wants. So, choosing a case is a very important decision, and best of all, it’s one of the cheaper features to spend money on.

Thinner panels may look aesthetically pleasing, but they may rattle too much and conduct too much heat. The smarter option is to go for thicker panels, which will absorb more sound and less heat.

The price can range massively depending upon brand and size, from mid-range double figures to low-range triple figures. An ATX motherboard can be housed in an ATX case; however, it is possible to fit an extended motherboard into a regular ATX case.

For example, MasterBox5 is a mid-tower case, and is one of the best for value on the market. It does have the aesthetically pleasing appearance of a normal sized case, however, it has enough space for an extended ATX motherboard, two front mounted fans. It also has a removable section for the dust filter, so you can easily keep on top of accumulated dust.