Our lovely little family car, a Hyundai i10, has been worked to hell and back over the past year! Considering I drive around 1,000 miles every 10 days at the moment, you can imagine how much wear and tear it has experienced. And now, after all of that driving, our MOT is due at the end of the month.

I’m hoping our little car will be fine and pass with no problem, but it does worry me when it comes to cost. However, in the end, there is no price on the safety of your family, and your car is an integral part of that safety when travelling. So, this year, why not reward your family wagon for all of the hard work it has inevitably done? How, you ask? Let’s take a look!

Get Some New Shoes, Or Tyres…

One of the first things you can do for your car is to treat it to some new tyres. Considering the fact that we are in January now, and last year February saw the worst of the snow and ice, this is probably a good idea anyway! After all, you need to have quality tyres with good grip when the cold weather comes in. And as a brave man once said; Winter is Coming.

So why not get the ball rolling the easy way? For example, if you’re in the general London area, you can always treat your car this year and get it new tyres from Iverson Tyres London. Doing this can give a new lease of life to your car, as well as improve the handling and actually helping to cut down how hard the engine has to work! You’ll also use less petrol too.

Get A Service!

You would be surprised how many people don’t actually give their car a service. In fact, I’m guilty of this myself, forgetting to book a service or just never getting around to it sometimes. However, it’s actually really important that you treat your car with a full service and oil change every now and then. Without it, you can risk a slow build up of damage to the car’s engine, and no one wants that!

So to avoid it, you need to make sure that you regularly service your car. It;’s not even that expensive. The only problem is finding the time for it, but this year, after the MOT, I will be making sure I take our little car to get serviced regularly.

Invest In A Valet Service

The last thing I’m going to recommend it to take your car to a valet service. Most shopping centre car parks offer valent services for around £15 to £20 these days, which isn’t a bad price. They’ll clean the outside really well, and then tidy up and clean the inside too. This will help to bring your car back to a near-new feeling, which is great for everyone!

I’ve done this many times, and it can be a really good idea. If you don’t have time to clean out your car thoroughly yourself, then when you are in town, you can get it done to a really professional standard.

And That’s All Folks

Those were 3 very easy ways to reward your family car this year. By doing any one of them, your car will seem so much better. But if you did all three, it would almost be like driving a new car. So why wouldn’t you do them? Each one if wallet friendly, too!

What other ways could you reward your car? Let me know in the comments below.