When it comes to WordPress, the community itself is insanely helpful! From Facebook groups to forums and blogs covering various different aspects of the CMS, you can find a wealth of information! And this is just as true when it comes to books! For those of us who like to sit down on the sofa or relax in bed with a book in their hands, having this information at our fingertips is amazing!

So, whether you’re a first time blogger, or planning to use WordPress as a content management and e-commerce system to run your website on, here are some really awesome books to sink your teeth into!

Essential Web Analytics for Bloggers

Written by Farhan Qureshi, Essential Web Analytics for Bloggers is a great way to get your head around things like Google Analytics, AdSense and the Doubleclick for Publishers network! Not only does it go through the initial steps of getting everything set up, it also goes into detail on how to contact potential advertisers in order to start building a revenue for your blog!

In terms of a business or e-commerce site running on WordPress, the detailed explanations of Google Analytics and how to use it to improve traffic and return on investment can be really useful! Again, it is an entry level book for the most part, but if you are just launching your site, or are worried you’ve missed something, this can really help!

WordPress Websites Step-by-Step

An in-depth starter guide, written by Caimin Jones, WordPress Websites Step-by-Step is an absolutely amazing guide on how to get started with the content management system! Covering everything from intial setup to how to create a general website, it can be great for beginners.

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On the other hand, if you are an experienced user of WordPress then you’ve probably already outgrown the book… But for new users it can be a real life savers. The book itself avoids PHP and CSS as much as possible in order to make everything understandable without the need of web design technical knowledge!

Start a Successful Blog: Turn Your Hobby Into Business

Next up we have one of two books that claim to tell you how to make a “successful blog”. Whilst this book is more on an easy than a detailed guide, it does give you a good starting place to plan your blog from! Whilst it really does just cover the basics, when used in combination with the next book, it can really help you get off to a flying start!

So, if you want to make a hobby blog into a revenue maker, then why not get the ball rolling with this “book” and the one below?

Blogging Made Easy

The last book I would recommend to both new and experienced bloggers in Blogging Made Easy by Amen Sharma and Gareth James. Covering everything from improving your social media reach to how to structure a post, the team from Hashtag Bloggers has really gone all out with this guide!

And as I said, even if you’re a veteran blogger you’ll almost certainly find something of use here! So why not get this in your hand and up your game in terms of content, traffic and actual engagement! In fact, if you’re planning on running Google AdSense of Doubleclick for Publishers, then the tips and tricks in Blogging Made Easy should actually lead to more revenue as well! And let’s be honest, everyone wants that!

And that’s that, really! Those four books can really help you get to grips with WordPress and start your blog on the way to success. With everything from initial setup to Social Media Marketing being covered, you’ll definitely find something of use!

Are there any books you would recommend? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to give them a read!