Every game stimulates your brain in a particular way. Some focus on your reaction time and reflexes. Others can improve your problem-solving skills and creative thinking. 

The time when gaming was considered a lazy hobby is long gone. Simplistic puzzle ones have been evolving into impressive art and writing projects.

It’s true that the main goal of any game is to entertain a player. Yet, some developers pay additional attention to the educational part of their projects. 

Games that make one’s mind work in a fun and interactive way are a common thing today. So much so that certain schools have introduced educational games as a part of their programs.

If you are still in doubt – keep reading. In this article you will find some of the best examples of games that will help you improve memory and exercise your mind.

Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program is a one-of-a-kind project. It easily combines all the seriousness of rocket science with pleasant cartoony visuals. Despite the light-hearted imagery, it is an absolutely serious space exploration simulator. 

The amount of specific values and details you have to take into consideration in order for your rocket to reach its destination is a bit intimidating.

Although you will most likely play this game armed with a heap of charts and a calculator, it also allows for some fun. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the abomination that was never destined to survive a liftoff reaching the surface of Mars.

For maximum immersion, get a cup of coffee, a NASA shirt, and try drafting a space launch on paper before punching your numbers into the game. See if it helps. 

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Papers Please

This indie-project is a testimony to the long journey that storytelling in games has made through the course of history. 

When small game-dev studios don’t have money to make polished visuals and big explosions, they have to compensate with a creative approach, insanely good writing, and deep characters.

At its core is an extremely simplistic mechanic. You are checking the documents of immigrants to see if they meet a set of governmental rules. 

This will stimulate your memory as well as improve attention to detail. But what could be the most boring stamping simulator ever is perfectly combined with a compelling storyline.

You play a tiny cog in a machine of a totalitarian government. People passing by you have their own stories and needs and genuinely make you feel for them. 

How much are you willing to sacrifice to bend the rules to help them out? Your career, your family, your life? Is it worth it in the end? Checking and stamping documents has never been this interesting.

Human Fall Flat

This one will work best in a company of good friends. The game introduces to you a range of interactive puzzles. In order to solve those, you will have to work as a team and get creative. 

This game is not only great for improving one’s spatial awareness and problem-solving skills. It’s also an amazing choice for parties and family gatherings.

The sandbox nature of its puzzles allows for an infinite amount of different approaches. And every single one of them will be the correct one. 

Explore, experiment, fail, and succeed. You’ll never ever get tired of this ride. 

Sunless Sea

Sunless Sea is appealing to a different side of one’s mind. Instead of math and memory, it taps into the imagination, summoning bizarre and wild images of its compelling, mostly text-based storyline. 

If you’re looking for some dark inspiration, this is the right choice. The writing, the soundtrack, the atmosphere – everything works in unison to create an inky-black penny dreadful.

Sunless Sea can be considered a horror. But not the kind that throws screamers in your face. It shows you the fragments of a really dark world – fascinating, weird, unsettling, or outright disturbing. Welcome to the Neath, delicious friend.

Final Words

From Tetris and ping-pong to layered story-based adventures and powerful simulators, game development has gone a long way. 

Games can improve your reflexes, problem-solving skills, memory, strategic thinking, and more. All while covering this learning process with the veil of entertainment to keep the audience invested. It has an art form and a learning tool.

There are many genres to opt for:

  • Strategies;
  • Platformers;
  • FPS;
  • Point’n’click;
  • RPG;
  • Simulators…

And the list goes on. One-man-teams and huge corporations with thousands of employees are playing by different rules but within the same field. 

Virtually anyone can find something for themselves in the abundance of genres and settings and get an enjoyable experience out of it.