It’s fair to say that every man takes a very different approach to the clothing and shoes that they own. Some guys love their fashion, seeking to ensure they always have the very latest pieces available to them. Others are like magpies, attracted to the bright and the loud; the kind of clothes that James May would be unable to resist. Or for some guys, clothing and shoes are functional items only, something they know they need but find relatively little interest in.

Regardless of which of the above descriptions best suits your attitude to fashion, style, and trends, it’s interesting to note that there are four classic, always-in-style, always-useful items that your wardrobe is sure to benefit from, starting with…

Formal shoes

A high-quality pair of formal shoes always have a place in any man’s wardrobe, whether you wear them each day as part of your office job or only for special occasions. A reliable pair of formal shoes such as those offered by should last you for years with the right care, helping to bring together a range of different outfits and ensure you always look at your best when it matters most.

A light jacket

For many guys, there are two – and only two – options when it comes to spending time outside: coat or no coat. However, the transitional seasons can be a nightmare when it comes to living by such a strict binary, resulting in you being too hot or too cold. To combat this, investing in a lightweight, easy-to-wear jacket is a wardrobe essential. Ideally, your chosen jacket should offer a layer of warmth, but without being too cumbersome to carry if the weather improves while you are outside.

Black jeans

Black jeans are arguably the most versatile piece of clothing any man can wear. They’re jeans, so they’re built to last, but their dark colour means they can be worn for almost any occasion. Need to look smart for a work-related brunch? Add a shirt and your formal shoes, and you’re good to go. Just looking for a casual outfit for a day spent at the park with your kids? Pair your black jeans with an old t-shirt and trainers, and you’re all set. If you don’t currently own black jeans, adding a pair to your wardrobe is sure to be a positive step.

A plain white shirt

In particular, the right white shirt. Most guys are familiar with the fact that white shirts can be used for almost any occasion, which makes them an essential inclusion in any wardrobe – but white shirts can also be problematic, especially in terms of fit and (in the worst case scenario) transparency. There’s a great guide to various types of shirts at; it’s well worth reading through the advice and then look into buying a high-quality shirt that suits you perfectly.

In conclusion

Thanks to their versatility and suitability for a variety of occasions, the above pieces can allow you to be sure that the rest of your wardrobe will be built on the strongest possible foundations.

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