So, I’ve been writing these blog posts for a few months now, and haven’t really introduced myself. So, I figured it was about time that I let you all know something about me. That’s why, today, we’re going to go over 12 facts about That Marketing Punk!

1. I’ve Lived In 5 Different Countries

Whilst I was born in the UK, I’ve actually moved around a lot! I left the UK at 19 to move to Bulgaria, where I lived for 3 years before moving to Holland for a few months. I then returned to Bulgaria and met my wife there, and then eventually we moved to Ireland together. We weren’t there long before moving back to Bulgaria once again.

In total, I lived in Bulgaria for around 6 years before moving to Turkey for a couple of years. Finally, my wife and I moved back to the UK where we have been ever since.

2. My Top 2 Favourite Movies Are Ghost In The Shell And Robin Hood: Prince Of Theives

Now, when I say Ghost In The Shell, I am specifically referring to the original anime movie. I love the TV series (2nd Gig was my favourite season), but the original movie still wins. I’m also waiting for the live action remake later this year…

And yes, I do mean Prince of Theives for that second one. Whilst Costner’s accent may not be great, I’ve always loved that movie! In fact, the theme song (Everything I Do by Bryan Adams) is also my favourite song!

3. My Daughter’s Favourite Song Is By Bring Me The Horizon

My daughter, who at the time of writing is 18 months old, has already shown us that she inherited her father’s taste in music. She cries whenever Justin Beiber is on the radio, and has even learnt to headbang!

On top of that, her favourite song is Throne by Bring Me The Horizon! As well as she hears it, she’ll stop crying or moaning, laugh and become really energtic.

This also happens with All I Want by A Day To Remember, albeit to a lesser extent.

4. I’m Actually A Big Fan of Wrestling

No, not because I think it’s real or because I like the storylines they come up with (they are really bad). I like it because of the athleticism involved in it. Now, I don’t like the big guys fake brawling, like Triple H or Hulk Hogan. I like the show stoppers like Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles.

Seeing them leap around, dive off ladders and really make some amazing moments is so impressive! If you want to see some astounding feats of athletism, then go and watch the TLC matches from Summerslam 2000 or WrestleMania 2001! Or even the Triple Threat match between AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe! You won’t be disappointed!

5. I Actually Like Both Star Wars And Star Trek

I know… Blasphemy, right? But yes, I actually enjoy both of them. My favourite Star Trek movie is Wrath of Khan, obviously… As for Star Wars, it’s a tie between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens.

And There You Go

Those are 5 facts about me, just to break the ice a bit and introduce myself to you a bit more! Thanks for reading!

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