We’re always keeping tabs on innovative marketing ideas that we think might blow up. Here are the tactics that have momentum going into 2020.

US consumers are putting the economy on their backs and helping it grow despite numerous signs of an impending slowdown. Because of that consumer bullishness, your business’s momentum will be safe tomorrow.

Once 2020 rolls around though, things could look very different.

In preparation for a tougher economy, many companies are starting to brainstorm how they can be more creative in engaging customers. These strategy sessions have led to a number of innovative marketing ideas that our team is excited to share with you!

Based on our observations, among all of the marketing tactics that are getting thrown around, here are 5 strategies that are going to be leaned on heavily in the new year.

1. One to One Marketing

Mass marketing and automation are all the rage right now. That’s because those marketing vehicles scale easily and don’t require too much effort. The problem that companies are starting to see with those strategies is that people are getting buried under hundreds of automated campaigns which is reducing their effectiveness.

In order to reliably earn marketing conversions, we’re seeing companies transition to one to one marketing tactics. These tactics include sending handwritten postcards or customized emails to their top customers.

2. Mobile Geofencing

With consumers carrying their phones everywhere, we’re going to see more businesses leverage “mobile geofencing” to strategically push offers to people’s devices.

Imagine someone passing by your ice cream shop you being able to Bluetooth them a 30%-off coupon. How many pedestrians would you convert to customers with that offer?

If you’re in a high traffic area, probably a lot.

3. Local Sponsorships

With how much noise has flooded the digital marketing space, innovative marketing ideas are going to start migrating teams off of their computers and out into their communities.

Expect to see more companies sponsoring sports teams, having booths at community events and seizing similar promotional opportunities.

4. Forum Participation

Forums are chat spaces on the internet where people that are interested in niche topics get together to exchange ideas. In 2020, we expect to see more businesses finding online forums that are relevant to their customers and contributing their knowledge to discussions.

This marketing tactic should originally build trust between companies and consumers. It should also have a positive impact on participating brand’s images.

5. Guerilla Marketing

Stickers on flag poles, flyers taped to benches, sidewalk chalk art… As marketing budgets shrink when consumer spending goes down, expect to see businesses get creative by finding one-off ways to get their name out where their customers live and work.

Innovative Marketing Ideas Transcend Markets and Budgets

No matter how good or bad a market is or how small marketing budgets get, when your team leans on innovative marketing ideas, you can expect to cut through the noise and drive results. We hope that these marketing ideas have inspired you and we look forward to seeing how you leverage them to build your business.

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