5 Interesting Facts About Your Nintendo Switch

It doesn’t matter if you had the Switch since day one, or you just picked it up this summer. Regardless of how many hours you’ve devoted to your portable console, there’s probably a few things you don’t know about the Switch.

Secrets can destroy a relationship, and there’s no relationship more important than the one with your Switch. It’s time you uncover the hidden facts and figures of your beloved console. Here are five interesting things you might not know about your Switch.

1. It’s protected against piracy

No, this has nothing to do with Nintendo’s new game, Pirates: All Aboard! and everything to do with Switch jailbreakers. Jailbreaking is a way of unlocking the Switch’s operating system to run customized apps, games, and other mods. It’s also a way for people to play pirated games without paying for them first.

While this sounds like a great strategy for gamers on a tight budget, it’s risky. Not only is it difficult to pull if you don’t know how to code, it can also brick your console. This summer, Nintendo cracked down on jailbreakers attempting to play pirated games. They have a “perfect” method to sniff out piracy that allows them to identify encrypted certificates when a player is attempting to connect online. These certificates prove the game was purchased legally. If they’re missing, Nintendo can remotely block these certificates or they can brick the console entirely, so it’s a good idea to stay away from any third-party modding.

2. Nintendo sold more copies of Zelda than the console itself

The Switch launched alongside the latest instalment of fan favourite, The Legend of Zelda, with The Breath of The Wild. As one of the highest scoring games (with a 96% from Metacritic), there was never any doubt BotW was going to be popular, but no one could have anticipated just how badly people would want to play this game.

Not only was BotW the fastest selling Nintendo game to date, it also sold more copies than actual consoles. According to the latest figures, Nintendo sold 906,000 Switch consoles, while they sold 925,000 copies of the game. It may have an attach rate of more than 100% because some gamers purchased a limited edition version of the game, or they purchased the game before they could find the Switch in stock. Either way, it’s a record-breaking fact that plays in Nintendo’s favour!

3. The Joy-Con are sensitive

Whether through risky mods or unique decals, gamers love to customize their gaming experience. It’s no different for Nintendo Switch players. While some are gambling with mods that may brick their system, others are trying out decals to change up the look of their console. Unfortunately, thanks to the unique material of the Joy-Con, it’s proving to be difficult. The average Switch decal uses a strong adhesive that damages the controllers.

Even the folks at dbrand, a company known for easy and safe installation and removal, had trouble with the Joy-Con. But unlike other decal providers, they didn’t take no for an answer. They spent nearly a year in research and development with 3M to make an adhesive that wouldn’t damage the Joy-Con, dock, or console. Where there’s a will, there’s a way — which is how they created the first 100% safe Nintendo Switch skin. You can see them at dbrand.com/shop/nintendo-switch-pro-controller-skins. With options like black camo and carbon fiber, there’s a safe and cool way to customize.

4. You can play GameCube and N64 games on it

If you have a bad case of nostalgia that has you longing for games of yore, you’re in luck. The Switch can now play GameCube and N64 games. There’s only a little bit of bad news: it takes significant modding the average user probably won’t undertake. For now, the only way to get the games of your youth is by hacking your console to run an emulator through Linux.

5. You can see how many hours of playtime you’ve logged

Some people might not want to know how many hours they’ve wasted playing on their Switch, but these are the weak minority. For the dedicated gamer, these stats are your bread and butter. You want to know how long you’ve spent chasing after Calamity Ganon.

You can find out by going through the Profile tab to find your Play Activity. It will summarize your play time for each game you’ve played. For those thoroughly organized gamers who have already checked out their Profile extensively, this might not be a surprise. What you may not know is you can check in on your friends’ Play Activity and see how you compare.
For a system as big as the Switch, these five facts only just scrape the surface. Think of your console as an iceberg; there’s a lot more going on than what the tip showing above the water. Take a deep dive into your console by checking out Wired and other resources. All your hard work will reveal the hidden side of our Switch and make you a better player.