I’ve always been a very laid back person (just ask my wife), with very little being able to bug me, let alone annoy me. However, that changed a bit since I became a Dad. I’m still a very chilled out person, but I’ve started to notice various things in life that grind on me… Things I had never noticed before. So, I thought to myself; “why not share this with everyone else, because obviously, they all want to know what annoys me”… And yes, you should have read that in a sarcastic tone.

But nonetheless, here we are. I’m about to list out 5 things that have started to annoy me since I became a Dad. Let’s get this going, shall we?

People Who Drive Too Close

I’ve been driving for over a decade now and never really paid attention to how other people drove. At least, no more than understanding the road is full of imbeciles.

However, since I became a Dad, I’ve been paying far more attention to other vehicles on the road, watching them like a hawk as I drive. This is especially true when my daughter is in the car. I have become extra careful with everything, trying my best to keep my daughter as safe as possible.

One of the things I have noticed is the sheer number of drives who will come up right behind you. It doesn’t matter if you are going slow or the speed limit, someone will always be trying to park their car in your boot.

Considering we drive a small car (a Hyundai i10) the boot itself is very small. That means that there is very little space between the back of the car and the backseat where my daughter is sitting. Even when you can easily see the pushchair through the back window, and there is a sign saying a child is onboard the car, people still drive so close that I can almost see the white of their eyes.

I don’t know how I can get people to just stay a reasonable distance behind us…

People Who Take Parent and Child Spaces

This one is a pretty obvious one, but it has become more and more annoying every time I go to the supermarket. It seems to happen every single time. I’ll be coming into the car park, looking for a parking space, only to have to choose one that doesn’t really have enough room to get my daughter and her pushchair out as well.

Then I’ll see some pompous looking man or woman with a couple of light bags briskly walking up to a Range Rover or Audi that is parked in the parent and child spaces. They’ll get in and drive away, with no child in sight.

The fact that I’ve been called a “lazy parent” and told to “walk like everyone else” when I’ve confronted some of them infuriates me too. Is it really that hard to understand that the spaces aren’t for the parents’ benefit, but for the children?

People Who Get Annoyed About Your Child Crying

Another thing that I don’t remember ever noticing before is the number of people who get annoyed by children crying. I mean, I can understand that it isn’t the nicest thing to hear and can get a bit irritating. After all, I hear my daughter’s crying all the time.

But now that I go out with my daughter, be it to the city centre or for walks around, she inevitably starts to cry at one point. That’s why I notice the dirty looks, sighs and, sometimes, even have to deal with people complaining to me about her crying. They’ll actually stop whatever they are doing to come over to me and tell me to stop her crying because it is “ruining their day”.

Well, I’m sorry that we brought a new life into this world… Wait. No, I’m not! Mind your own business or try to help out. Kids cry. That’s just what kids do. Parents are doing their best to help soothe and cheer up the child, so be patient… And certainly, don’t go out of your way to complain about it!

IKEA Nottingham’s Car Park and Trolleys

Have you ever really thought about the fact that, in IKEA Nottingham (not sure about the other ones, that you cannot take the trolleys out into the car park? If you are buying large boxes of furniture, someone needs to drive the car up to the pickup section. Normally, that isn’t much of an issue. However, for us, going to IKEA is typically something that can only really be done on the weekend or on my way home from work, due to closing times. This means that either I’m on my own because I’ve been driving home from work, or I’m on my own because my wife is at work.

Therefore, I don’t have anyone who can drive the car to the pickup section. Nor can I just park the car in those spaces and then go shopping. This means that I have to carry whatever I buy from IKEA across the car park. Now, if I’m getting small items then there really isn’t an issue. However, when I’m buying furniture this becomes very difficult!

Add to this the fact that I will have my daughter with me if I go when my wife is at work and things become even more annoying. Firstly, you can’t get normal trolleys (like supermarket ones) until you’re about halfway around the shop. The ones at the entrance are designed to just use the yellow bags that you borrow whilst shopping. So, I had to dodge all of the other people who don’t look where they are going, trying my best to make sure they don’t bump into my daughter as she either walks around or I carry her.

Then, of course, once we’ve bought the furniture and walk out of the shop with it in the trolley, we reach the same problem in the car park. This time, however, it is compounded further. You see, carrying furniture and my daughter at the same time is more than a mission. The way the trolleys and car park are designed are certainly not family friendly. In fact, for single parents, IKEA Nottingham is a nightmare.

People Using Elevators Who Clearly Don’t Need To

Another pretty obvious one to end this list… Why do so many people decide to use elevators when they can clearly go up the stairs? Or even when there are escalators nearby if they don’t want to bend their knees. This is one of the most common things I have seen.

When going into shopping centres, I’ll be pushing my daughter in her pushchair, but always end up having to wait for the next lift because it is full of people who really don’t need to use it. In fact, it is often very healthy young teens. I’ve even been told that “there’s no room”, with the teens moving around the lift to make it seem more full than it is… I can only assume that this is because they don’t want to be near babies or toddlers.

Elevators really are there for everyone, I know that. But at the very least, if there is a pushchair or a disabled person who needs to get into the lift and you don’t actually need to use it, then you should let them in. Right?

And That’s All Folks

Those were 5 of the things that have come to really annoy me since I’ve become a Dad. I apologise for the rants in this post, but I’m hoping it will either resonate with other parents or help to alleviate some of these issues.

Have any of you experienced these? Let me know in the comments below!