There are so many different portable gaming cases on the market right now. Each have their own special features.

However, there are really five things you know about portable gaming cases.

1. The Case Itself

The different cases range in sizes and types. Some cases, simply cover the gaming system and have a stand on the back or the side to stand up the system. Others, however, are full carry bags that allow for more storage. These larger bags have straps to carry the bag over the shoulder or handles. The main priority of the case is to keep the system protected to allow for convenient carrying.

2. Internal Storage

The smaller cases do not necessarily have internal storage. The larger cases range from the little storage to taking the whole system and its accessories. Some cases allow for the system to be carried on the inside and then have zipper pouches to store any cords, accessories, or games. Then the larger gaming cases have the ability to carry as much as necessary. This includes the gaming system, its charger, any other cords, headphones, games, etc.

These can even be sectioned out cases. While some may simply have zipper pockets or fold out sections, others have specialized compartments for certain accessories. There may be a section to stand up games for easy readability or somewhere to wind the headphones so they do not tangle. This makes these larger cases bulky but allows for easier access to the equipment.

3. Tech Involved

The majority of the portable gaming cases are simply bags or hard cases, however, some have a little bit of tech involved. These can be categorized as more of the PORTABLE GAMING TV series. A case like these includes speakers. There are sound control features directly on these cases for easy access. Some of these portable gaming cases also include LED lights and monitors so the gaming system can be seen largely and easily. In addition to the gaming play features, battery charging packs are included in a few models of the portable gaming systems. This allows for the gaming system to be charged without an outlet. Also included in some of the cases are headphone jacks, HDMI inputs, and a power jack.

4. Travel Allowance

The smaller cases are obviously very travel-friendly, for they can fit just about anywhere you need to put them. The larger cases can still be allowed to travel, they are simply bulky and take up more space. Even the majority of the technologically enhanced cases are TSO approved; which means they can be used on an aeroplane. A disclaimer: Be sure to check with your airline about the weight and amount of carry-on bags permitted.

5. Price

Portable gaming case prices will vary based on the features they offer. The high-tech cases are going to be more on the expensive side, while the smaller cases with minimal storage will be more budget friendly.

Overall, the choices for a portable gaming case are almost endless in the gaming world. Each holds its own features to relate to travel accessibility, tech capabilities, and functionality. Price will vary based on these specific features. The choice ultimately comes down to what you, as the gamer, value most in a portable gaming case.

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