You know the story. When you are a child, you have all the time and energy but no money. When you are an adult early in your career, you have time and energy, but still no disposable income. When you made your career, you might have money, but no time nor energy. And when you are retired, you have all the time and money, but no energy at all. Of all the things this pattern effects, it might just affect boys and their toys the most. If you have the money, ask yourself if you simply haven’t made enough space in your life to indulge yourself? Maybe now is the time? Here are 5 things that would have been on most boys’ wish list for when they are older.


If you have a competitive nature, but would enjoy competition more while holding a bottle of cold beer, a foosball table will be your thing. Of course, no spinning allowed! The foosball table is a great centrepiece for any man cave, providing sheer entertainment for hours.

Nerf Guns

Also high on most boys’ lists is a nerf gun. And we are not talking about those small nerf guns kids play with. We are talking full on heavy armament type nerf guns. One that wouldn’t look out of place in a Predator or Rambo film. Here’s an idea. Provide your guests with standard nerf guns and see their faces drop when you break out your BFG-style version. All in good spirit though, as you don’t want to start a nerf escalation war!

RC Vehicles

One of the best gifts you can get yourself is an over the top radio control vehicle. They come in many shapes and sizes. You can find good RC cars of pretty much any make and model you can think of. Or if you are more into helicopters and planes, you will have options too. Yes, controlling an RC car, plane or helicopter might sound childish, but would you really call someone a child who is drifting a model car with 4WD? RC models can pack quite a punch in terms of speed and control. You will want to ensure that the battery capacity will last for hours of fun.

VR Gaming

Or here is something more tech minded people would like: a full VR set including VR capable PC setup. Now we indeed entered a boys with their toys realm. There are plenty of good options available nowadays and having a VR capable PC is not out of reach for most anymore. There are even prototype developments that help solve the movement issue if you have limited room, so watch this space.

3D Printing

For the more creative-minded men out there, consider a 3D printer. Seeing a 3d model you built in CAD come to live is a fantastic experience. You might even be an inventor in waiting. The range in which they come goes from dirt cheap to extremely expensive. Consider the size of the 3d printed objects you are going for and what kind of filaments the printer accepts.

There you go, 5 options for grown boys. Best to act now before you don’t have the energy left to indulge yourself!

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