The advent of social media offers great contribution for brands and businesses to reach a wider audience and one of the leading platforms to invest in is Instagram.

This photo-sharing site has gained millions of users since it started and it continues to soar up as new accounts are being created each day. According to Instagram’s statistics, over 400 million users are active on the platform per month. About 20 billion photos and videos are being shared on the platform too.

Thus, it is not surprising to know that marketers focus on using Instagram views to boost sales and promotion through its various features. The new Instagram video feature, for example, is promising a whole new set of opportunity for marketers to promote their brands.

But before jumping to this new feature, the first thing you need to know is the culture of your brand and your customers. And from there, you curate strategies to boost your marketing drive.

Here are five ways to promote your business through Instagram videos.

Quick Q&A Portion

Your brand surely has this compilation of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that you might want to address through your Instagram Video. You can make a poll or ask your followers to send in their questions and compile the answers into one nice video. It is also important to give useful information such as your social media pages and website links in case they need to know more after you uploaded the video. Encourage them to place their additional insights in the comments too.

Demonstrate how you product or service works

To create an active participation and to pique the interest of your customers, show them the behind-the-scenes action. You can make a virtual tour of your factory, or make a timelapse video of how your product is being made. Make short and precise narration to keep them informed while watching.

Hold contests or a raffle

A customer will always be interested in contests, raffle, and flash sales. Videos can attract your customers to check your ongoing promos or if you want to interest them in your new campaigns. Make sure your video and its narration or caption are easy to understand to avoid creating confusion from your followers.

Encourage customer participation

Aside from promo sales, you can also hold submission contests to your followers. They can post a video complying with a theme you give and use hashtags for easier tracking. A bi-weekly feature of Instagram videos from your followers can give them the reason to stay in the loop.

Be in the know

Marketers need to always be in the know of the latest trends and updates going around the world. You can integrate a simple viral story or a national issue through your Instagram videos. This way, it creates noise for your brand. Make witty Instagram videos relating to current issues and controversies but you also need to know your limits. The key here is to take it subtly and try to be funny.

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