5 Ways to Download Games Faster on Your PC

If cell phones, computers, and laptops are any indication, electronics have a tendency to get smaller. But the programs they run do the opposite. It’s not uncommon for modern video games to surpass a file size of 100GB.

Games will continue to get larger as consumers expect constant improvements and visceral, high-fidelity experiences. Problem is, downloading one of these massive titles can easily take an entire day, and that’s assuming you have a decent internet connection.

Want to stop waiting and get to gaming? Here’s how to speed up downloads on your PC.

1. Disable Other Programs

Most people blame poor download speeds on the performance of their internet service. But that’s not always the case.

In addition to download speeds, your internet service has a property known as bandwidth. Bandwidth determines how much data can be downloaded or uploaded at any one time. If your internet cable was a pipe, the bandwidth would determine its size.

Okay, sure, but you want to know how to download faster. Why does bandwidth matter?

Because other programs on your PC are likely using a significant portion of your existing bandwidth. Once you reach the capacity of your bandwidth, internet speeds will decline across the board. This means that four-hour download is going to take you 12 instead.

Avoid doing anything on your computer that requires an internet connection. The worst offenders are streaming and video sites, such as YouTube or Netflix. Other downloads, such as an operating system update, are sure to slow things down.

This doesn’t just apply to your personal computer. All devices connected to your home network are sapping bandwidth from the same source.

Yes, using your smart TV to watch Netflix is just as bad as watching it on your PC. Disconnect any other devices on your home network if possible.

2. Use an Ethernet Connection

When it comes to pure performance, ethernet cables are far superior to a Wi-Fi connection. New Wi-Fi standards can transfer about 1GB/s. Compare that to modern Cat6 ethernet cables, which can handle 10GB/s.

That said, most internet plans fall well below the maximum speeds of either device. So what causes the performance difference?

Wireless connectivity is affected by distance to the router and obstacles such as fake walls and multiple floors. Unless you’ve set up your computer right beside your wireless router, you aren’t getting the speeds you deserve.

This can put a serious damper on your download speeds. It’s true that a Wi-Fi connection is more convenient than using a physical cable. But in most cases, it’s worth the additional effort and eyesore.

In addition to fast download speeds, ethernet offers a stable, low latency connection. This is essential if you want to experience online games without lag.

3. Change Your Download Region

It’s not your fault that a game download is taking ages. Digital storefronts such as Steam and GOG make use of download servers across the globe. In short, the closer you are to these servers, the less time it takes to transfer data.

Some services, such as Steam, allow you to manually change your download region. When possible, take a look at these account settings. You may discover there’s a closer server nearby.

That said, some servers endure heavier loads than others. During busy seasons, you may experience faster loading speeds by switching to a region that’s further away but less populated.
What if your digital game storefront doesn’t allow region customization? You could change your region by spoofing a different location through a VPN. But in most cases, using a VPN will just make your download slower, so only give it a try when there’s a serious download problem.

This tactic assumes you’re going through an official storefront. If you are (legally) downloading a game through a torrent, some download managers can dramatically increase download speeds through the use of multiple streams. If you’re a Mac user, you can learn more at https://setapp.com/news/folx-an-easy-to-use-download-manager-for-mac.

4. Get a New Router

Like any other piece of technology, your router will become antiquated in a few years. If you’re using an old router or one supplied by your internet service provider, you may need to upgrade to enjoy your full download speed.

Not sure if you’re getting enough? A variety of free internet speed tests are available online. Compare the results to your existing plan.

If it comes up short, your router could be to blame.

First, give your device the benefit of the doubt. Your router works overtime all day, every day. Bugs and other stability issues are likely to occur eventually.
A quick router restart may be able to set things in motion or install new software to speed things up. Otherwise, it may be time to upgrade to a sleeker router with the newest performance and security enhancements.

5. Cave in and Upgrade Your Internet Service

Want to know how to speed up downloads the easy way? At the end of the day, your existing internet service has the largest impact on your download speed.
When you’re unhappy with your internet, that’s likely because it doesn’t have enough performance to meet your personal needs. Upgrading to a new plan with improved download speeds will decrease the time you spend waiting on downloads, whether these are games or anything else.

Think about how often you use your internet, and you may realize it’s worth paying a bit extra for better service.
How to Speed Up Downloads on Your PC

After waiting months for the release day of a highly anticipated game, you don’t want to waste a whole afternoon watching a progress bar. Ever have your friends start playing without you, tired of waiting for your download to complete? Now that you know how to speed up downloads, you won’t be left behind.
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