One thing I have to admit as a Gamer is that we can actually be really hard to buy gifts for. Initially, I always thought we Gamers were easy to shop for as you could just “buy a game” and it would be sorted. But then, when my wife asked me what type of game I wanted this Christmas, my mind went blank.

So, I can only imagine it is the same or worse when you’re the one trying to buy something for us… That’s what I wanted to put together this list on last-minute Christmas gifts for Gamers. That way, if you’re still struggling, this list may help you to overcome that frustration.

6. SNES Classic

Whilst it may be a bit “old news” now, when Nintendo released the SNES Classic (follow up to the NES Classic) it was a huge deal. And you know what? It deserved to be. After all, I have one and I still play it regularly.

Part of that comes from the build quality of this mini console, including the games and general presentation (which is a lot better than the PlayStation Classic). However, another aspect comes from just how easy it is to add games to the SNES Classic and play through your favourite 16-Bit era games on an HD TV!

On top of that, because it has been available for a couple of years now, the price of the SNES Classic has dropped considerably! So, it could be the perfect surprise gift… Plus, it’s available on Amazon Prime, so you can get it with free next day delivery (and if you’re not a member of Amazon Prime, you can always get the free trial and still have that same free next day delivery).

5. MegaDrive Mini

So we have already covered one Mini Console… Let’s take a look at the newest one to be released, shall we? Since the SNES wasn’t quite as popular where I grew up in the UK, most of my 16-Bit era nostalgia comes from the MegaDrive (or Genesis in the States). The console had so many great games, but up until recently all of the “mini console” versions were developed by third parties and, honestly, weren’t very good.

All that changed this year though, as Sega finally released their own (first-party) MegaDrive Mini! Hype and excitement for its release took the retro gaming community by storm and, from what I have heard, it’s a really good Mini Console.

So, if you are buying a gift for someone who didn’t grow up on the Nintendo consoles, this could be exactly what you are looking for!

4. Custom Made Retro Gaming Keyrings

Next up, we have something a little different. You see, we recently did Secret Santa at work and I was really curious about what I would be given – especially since I had, by then, come to the realisation that I am hard to buy for. What I got blew my mind… I was given a keyring made out of a PlayStation memory card. It’s so cool!

Over on sites like Etsy, you can find a whole host of interesting, weird and wonderful gifts like that. It’s a gold mine.

So, if you’re on a budget but want something that is truly unique and unexpected, that could be an awesome place to go and look through! But custom made, retro gaming keyrings are a great option.

3. Nordgreen Watch

One thing I can say with complete honesty is that I tend to lose track of time when gaming. In fact, I do it a lot in general, which isn’t very good. Having a phone with a clock on it is all well and good, but if you’re sitting down and enjoying a game, you’re not going to want to turn away and find your phone.

Instead, “going old school” and having a watch on when gaming can be amazing. This is especially true when you have somewhere to be but you want to chill in front of the PlayStation 4, Xbox One X or even one of the Mini Consoles mentioned earlier.

I was lucky enough to be given a beautiful watch from Nordgreen (which I will review at a later date) and just had to include it here. Now, I’ve never been much of a watch wearer but since being sent this, I’ve had it on whenever I sit down for a gaming session. It’s really comfy too, so would make a great gift for a gamer in general!

Disclaimer: I was given the Nordgreen watch from the company themselves, but my statements are my own.

2. Nintendo Switch Bundle

Now we are getting into the more expensive realms of this list. However, any gamer who receives either this or the next gift will almost certainly be ecstatic!

Out of all of the current generation of consoles (which really is only 3 these days), the Nintendo Switch has to be my favourite. Oh, and that’s coming from a guy who owns every PlayStation home console, with multiples of some of them. Ever since the first PlayStation came out, I have been a Sony guy. The Switch broke that.

Whilst it may not run your games at 4K 60FPS with diamond laser-induced nuclear telescopic pixel-perfect ultra-HD whatever, the games look beautiful. On top of that, you can play them on your TV and then, when you need to go to bed or your partner wants to watch something, you can just undock it and play in tablet mode. It’s an amazing piece of kit!

There are some really awesome games on it too, with blockbusters like The Witcher 3 and Doom getting released on it now. Oh, and it also has a bunch of NES and SNES games that you can play digitally in a sort of Netflix-style system. So, anyone who gets a Switch will be super excited.

I would recommend getting a Nintendo Switch Bundle though, to make sure you get a game with this. For example, you can get the Console Bundle with Mario Kart 8 and play together!

1. PlayStation TV

Next up, we’re going to look at a modern device that you can use to enjoy classic games. The PlayStation TV is a small little box that plugs into your TV and gives you the ability to play PS3 and PS4 games, as well as classic PS1 games. I don’t have one (yet) but I have seen a number of people (including Twitch streamers) using it to relive memories from the great games of the past.

If space is an issue and you don’t have room for a bunch of retro consoles, yet you want to play the classics like Final Fantasy 7, Resident Evil 2 or Grand Theft Auto, the PlayStation TV can be a great way to do it. It takes up almost no room and doesn’t really cost that much, either.

However, they are going out of stock quite quickly (even on Amazon). So, if you want to get your hands on a PlayStation TV, now would be the time!

And That’s All Folks

Well, those were 6 last-minute Christmas gift ideas that you can buy for gamers in general! Each one would be opened with joy, surprise and excitement, and most of them are available for swift delivery.

Do you have any other suggestions for last-minute gifts for gamers? Let me know in the comments below!