We’ve all seen and read horror stories about people being involved in DWI driving cases. Whether it’s the driver or as the victim, it’s safe to say that deciding to drive whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs is incredibly selfish and dangerous.

Yet, so many people choose to do it. Whether they don’t want to bother with the hassle of getting a taxi, they think they can handle their drink or they believe that they won’t get caught, there are thousands of DWI cases each year and each perpetrator is left reeling by the poor choices they’ve made – this Dallas DWI lawyer has experience dealing with cases of people driving whilst intoxicated.

Read on for 6 reasons why a DWI can ruin your life.

The humiliation

Is there anything more humiliating than being pulled over by the police, and being asked to take a breathalyser test? Then being arrested, booked and having your mugshot taken? Even if this entire event isn’t witnesses by anyone you know, bad news travels fast and it won’t be long before everyone knows that you have an impending criminal conviction. This kind of conviction can ruin your life both personally and professionally, especially if you have to let your boss know that you can’t do your job because you’re not allowed to drive.

Your family life

If you’re currently going through a divorce and you’re fighting for custody of your children or trying to arrange care for them, having a DWI on your record can be catastrophically damaging. Driving behind the wheel drunk? Would you allow your children to ride with someone with that kind of conviction? Neither will a court of law.

Your car insurance will skyrocket

If money is already tight then you’ll find that when you get your licence back you have to pay incredibly high insurance premiums. This is because now, thanks to your DWI conviction, you are classed as a high-risk driver.

You could lose your job

If you’re in a particular profession where your reputation is important, such as a teacher, a doctor or even a lawyer then a DWI could mean losing your job and destroying your career. All that hard work and years of studying and climbing the career ladder could be undone within a few moments.


If whilst under the influence, you hurt someone, kill someone or even injure yourself then you’ll be plagued with guilt for the rest of your life.

It’s financially crippling

We’ve already mentioned the inevitable rise in your insurance costs but having a DWI is financially crippling in other ways too. From car impound costs, towing, bail money, the cost of hiring a lawyer, legal fees, DWI programmes that you are legally required to attend, additional monthly transport costs and loss of earnings from attending court or losing your job completely.
The punishments certainly fit the crime. However, it just goes to show that driving whilst under the influence simply isn’t worth it.