Every gamer out there enjoys a good bit of time with a controller in their hand, relaxing and escaping from reality. However, every now and then an scene or boss fight or something else comes along that makes you sit back and question just what the hell you have just seen.

That’s why, today, I’m going to run through 7 of the most disturbing moments in gaming! Some of these are disturbing because of the actions you have to do, and the way it leaves you feeling, whilst others are just downright creepy.

Modern Warfare 2 – No Russian

This is actually one of the most infamous levels in a video game, and there’s a reason for that. In fact, Modern Warfare 2 sparked a lot of controversy because of it and still, to this day, angers a lot of people. In essence, you’re undercover and in deep with the Russians. Your team has come to an airport, in order to frame the Americans. As the elevator comes to a halt, the team leader says the words “remember, no Russian”…

Your team, armed and ready, then spew out of the elevator and open fire on civilians… Oh, and you can’t go through the whole level without firing a single shot – your cover gets blown and you have to restart. And whilst this does setup an amazing storyline, it really does hit you hard and make you question the need for this level… Especially when you can skip it without penalty.

Dead Space 2 – The Eye

Anyone who has played Dead Space 2 will know what I am referring to by that title. For those that don’t, Dead Space 2 is a very, very gory horror game. And I mean gory – the only way to actually kill the monsters that are hunting you is to dismember them… So when you then find out that you’re going to have to perform laser eye surgery on yourself, you start to get the weird feeling in your gut… You know something is going to go wrong here… But you have no idea what it is or when it will happen.

Then you realise that, in fact, you are in control of the laser! And you need to keep it in line and on target as you move it closer to Isaac’s face… Get it wrong, and this happens (WARNING: VERY GORY VIDEO):

The look on your face and the feeling in your stomach right now is exactly why I’ve included this on the list… But just imagine what it’s like when you’re the one playing the game and controlling that laser!

Spec Ops: The Line – White Phosphorus

Okay, moving on to another harrowing war game… And to be honest, I could have probably just included Spec Ops: The Line as a whole due to it’s (actually brilliant) portrayal of guilt-driven insanity within a soldier. What starts off like absolutely any other generic shooter suddenly descends into confusion and questioning reality as you’re not sure if you are hallucinating things, whether what you are deciding to do is actually based on the real fact or the ideas of a fragmented mind… It goes really deep! But it all starts with this one event…

In order to get through a large group of enemies and proceed with the game, you need to use a White Phosphorus mortar that you’ve just found. So, in true shooter fashion, you launch the payload of the mortar over the entire enemy area, using a thermal imaging camera for targeting. Then, once all of those heat signatures are gone, you climb down from your vantage point and make your way passed the tanks and weapons and dead soldiers… Only to come to a small trench, filled with the bodies of the refugees you just killed too…

I’m not including the video in this post because it really is horrifying to see, but it also served a purpose… It made the player sit back and think about his or her actions… And not just in this game, but in war and shooter games in general – it makes you think about how many times you just pull the trigger in a game without thought. And in this day and age, teaching people to think first and act second is a really good thing to do! And trust me, this lesson will stick with you!

Mass Effect 2 – Liquified

The Mass Effect series is one of the nicer games in recent years… You can fly around the galaxy, visiting different planets… You can fall in love or go mining asteroids. Oh, and you also need to stop a group of sentient giant machines and their cult-like insect followers from destroying the entire galaxy and cleansing all life in it! And it is those followers who are responsible for this next entry. You see, part way through Mass Effect 2, the Collectors (the followers) actually get onboard your spaceship and start kidnapping you crew! Why? Because they need to genetic material of humans to help create the first human-Reaper hybrid (Reapers being the giant evil machines).

So, you get yourselves ready for the suicide mission deep in Collector space (the entire game is built around preparing yourself for said suicide mission) and you shoot off with the plan to stop the Collectors, save your crew and protect the galaxy. However, nothing could prepare you for what they are doing to your crew.

Now, depending on your actions in the game, you can actually stop this from happening, but the first time you play the game you won’t know how to do that. So instead, you’re gifted that horrible scene… And you’re left feeling disgusted and out for revenge.

Heavy Rain – Lose A Finger

Okay, so that heading is pretty horrific as it is, but this is Heavy Rain, an interactive movie-type game about a serial killer… So yeah, that’s not all of the story behind this disturbing moment. Now, one of the characters that you play as, Ethan, you are given a time limit and forced to control him as he cuts off his own finger at the order of the serial killer! Why? Because it’s the only way to keep his son alive!

I don’t really know what else to say about that… It’s a horrifying moment that you have to take control of! Try to get that one out of your head….

F.E.A.R 2 – Interactively Raped By Alma

Now, before I played F.E.A.R 2, those were 2 words I would have never thought would ever be put together when talking about gaming… In the game, you are constantly hunted (and sometimes helped) by the two different apparitions of Alma, the psychic woman who was tortured from a young age and locked away. Filled with anger, she is largely seen as near-demonic and horrifying. So, when you get to the end of the game, are strapped into a chair, and forced to watch (via interactive camera) as the real life Alma approaches you and proceeds to rape you – well, I don’t really know how to describe it.

To make things even weirder, after a while you find that she is already pregnant with your child and it’s only been about 10 minutes! It’s a really weird and very, very creepy moment! And the fact that you are in control of the camera the whole time only makes it worse!

Silent Hill 2 – Pyramid Head’s First Appearance

Similar to the previous entry in terms of subject matter, Silent Hill 2‘s Pyramid Head is a very creepy humanoid monster with, funnily enough, a giant metal pyramid on his head. Oh, and a giant knife! And if that wasn’t enough, the way he is introduced just adds to the fear he induces… You see, you’ve been running away from horrific creatures for the past hour or two, trying to survive… And then you get to an apartment and find two of them being assaulted by Pyramid Head, and you realise that they weren’t anything and this guy is the one you need to fear!

It’s a very humbling yet harrowing scene, where you finally realise that you are almost powerless in this world and you really are there purely to survive… The amount of fear it instills in you is incredible! And you won’t soon forget it!

And That’s All Folks

Those of just some of the most disturbing moments in gaming. Have you played these games? Do you know of any other disturbing moments? Let me know in the comments below!