Are you looking to get your mobile game out and into the market? Is it a challenge for you to gather dedicated players for your mobile game? 

You may not be doing your mobile game marketing strategy right.

Mobile games are the fastest-growing and most accessible gaming platform. Since most people have a device of their own, it reaches the most devices and most people. This is most likely a reason for the rise of mobile games that are comparable to traditional video games.

You already have the advantage of accessibility for your mobile game. What you need now is the marketing strategy that will fit your brand best.  Below, we’ve got a list of marketing tips on how to market mobile games.

1. Do Your Mobile Game Marketing on Podcasts

Many gamers’ media preferences include podcasts. The reason is that they could do active playing and passive listening at the same time. They can listen to news, reviews, and updates about games as they play.

The hosts of podcast channels are also likely to give fair reviews of the games there. If they have guests who have tried your game, you’re likely to get a review about your game brought out by that guest. You as the game creator can get a guest spot for an interview to give your game more exposure.

This is why gaming companies try to get their games featured in podcasts. Reach out to a video game podcast even if you created a mobile game. Speak with the people in charge and see if they are open to working with you. 

2. Get Influencers to Market Your Game

What is an effective way to reach a certain demographic? If you want a demographic to play your mobile game, get an influencer popular to that group to promote your game. Influencers have the ability to reach certain demographics. 

If you can get influencers to support your mobile game, you’re on the right track. If you can get a game influencer in particular to do a Let’s Play of your game, you’re one step closer to success. Take note that Let’s Play videos have added commentary and may spoil the content of your game.

Your influencers don’t have to be big-time like Pewdiepie, Markiplier, or Jacksepticeye. Still, it would be more effective for your mobile gaming marketing strategy to have them. The thing to remember is your aim, which is to appeal to a certain demographic via an influencer.

3. Promote Your Gaming Brand with Videos

Video marketing is one of the best things you can do for your mobile game promotion. It allows you to show your game in a desired and controlled light. Videos are also a more effective medium to showcase how the game works in actuality.

That’s not all you can do for your mobile game with videos. If your game has character backgrounds, you can release these videos to promote the game. You can also create short films and use them to build upon the lore of your game.

Treat your mobile game like a big project and document its creation process. Once your game gets recognized, you can release shorts on its concept-building process. Film interviews with creators and concept artists. 

Testimonials videos are great to use for video marketing too. Allow actual players of your game to share their opinions on the game. When other people watch these videos, they will be able to see that you’re willing to listen to your audience. 

If you don’t know how to create videos like this, turn to professionals. Sites like can help you identify your digital marketing needs. They can help you with video marketing and more.

4. Reach out to Review and Gaming Websites

It’s not enough to rely on the user reviews and ratings from the app store. Submitting your game to popular gaming review websites is also a big step in mobile game marketing. It can prove to be a tedious task but it will be worth it when users notice the presence of your game in these sites.

Game review sites will put up relevant information like memory size and permissions. They’ll also note down the unique qualities and interesting features of your game. This will be very helpful, especially if you are up against many other competitors. 

Note that review sites will be fair but reviews of your game may vary. You want some variation on the pros and cons that each reviewer site sees in your game. Having too little or too much variation in their reviews can lower the playing potential of your game.

There are many sites for game developers and indie game developers to submit their games to. Some examples of mobile game sites for preview or review are Pocket Gamer, Android Guys, Another Dungeon, and Android Authority. If you’re an indie developer, submit your game to GOG and/or Indie Mega Booth. 

5. Market Your Game through Social Media

Social media networks are powerful marketing tools. As of the 4th quarter of 2016, more than one billion Facebook users accessed the social network via a mobile device. It’s no surprise then that so many marketers use social media for marketing.

Establish your presence in at least one social media platform. Set up a Facebook page, Instagram, or Twitter account for your studio or game. Promote your game by posting often and by being active on the social media channel. 

Try out each social media channel to see which one works best for your brand. Start with popular ones like Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram. Analyze which one is the most profitable and invest more in that channel without leaving the other channels behind.

Even if you only had one channel, you can still market your game well. The key is to create interesting posts about your game. These can be anything including quizzes, short videos, or raffles/giveaways.

It’s also a good idea to start teasing your game pre-launch on social media. This allows you to create hype for and for people to bring hype to the game even before it launches. Upload storyline previews, game graphics, or countdowns till launch. 

If you already have a game launched, you can still tease it on social media. In this case, information about events and updates are what you’ll most likely be posting. If you’re planning to add new characters or game modes, you can upload teasers for them as well.

6. Bring Your Audience to Your Blog or Website

You have social media pages and you have influencers promoting your brand. It’s time you make use of home territory to get people to enjoy your game better. Now, you bring people to your website or blog page.

Your website will be from which people should be able to get the most information on your game. This is where you place screenshots, logos, banners, and bios about your game and your studio. It’s also important to place your contact information and links to your social media here. 

For this to happen, you will need a website first. You can have anything from merchandise to a blog on this website. Many popular mobile game sites write game guides and lore on their websites.

Statistics say content marketing creates three times more leads than paid search advertising. Among content or blog post formats, the listicle format is the most popular one. This means you’re better off writing articles rather than paying for search ads.

Make blog interesting posts like who the best characters to play are for certain game modes. Create a forum within your site to allow players to create a community for it. This is also where you can address issues and/or questions about your game.

7. Continue to Refine Your Game

The best kind of video game promotion is continuing to polish a good game. Even if you weren’t marketing mobile games, if your mobile game is good, people will still love it. In essence, this is you, the creator, letting the game speak for itself. 

There’s no doubt that being able to create a good game alone will take time for the game to make it to the mainstream. Still, this would be better than using good marketing for a terrible game. With a good game at least, you have a chance of true success.

When you don’t know how to go about polishing your game, listen to what your customers are saying. They might have technical complaints about your game. They might be looking for other traditional playing styles like PvP or PvE.

Notice how popular mobile games are always updating their games. Notice how they find ways to fix bugs or issues. Sometimes they nerf or buff certain playing characters to make the gameplay better.

The bottom line here is to keep on improving your mobile game. 

Effective Marketing Makes Your Mobile Games Go Viral

That’s our guide on 7 great tips for an effective mobile game marketing plan.

Remember, the goal of marketing is to get your target audience engaged in your game. You want to create a lasting impression for your game before players play your game.

If you want to see more guides on other digital marketing tips, feel free to check out our website.