And so, Sony’s E3 2017 conference can come to an end… They had a chance to come out, all guns blazing, and smash the announcement of the Xbox One X. So, as a PlayStation fan myself, it pains me to say that they really didn’t..

After two E3s that were, to put it lightly, utterly insane, this year’s offerings felt somewhat diminished. With no news of the FF7 Remake, nor anything about Death Stranding or Shenmue 3, I found myself a little bit disappointed. However, there were some pretty big announcements that were still awesome… Just not as awesome as the announcements in 2016 and 2016.

So, with that, let’s go to the list, shall we?

Shadow of the Colossus Remake

Back on the PS2, there was one game that came out that became the first ever game to be critically and journalistically referred to as “art”. This was Shadow of the Colossus, from the makers of Ico and (now) The Last Guardian. It was an absolutely beautiful game that was great for those who love epic boss fights.

In it, you play as Wander, a young man tasked with taking down the Colossi. And as you can probably tell, they are bloody huge! You have to ride through the massive world on your horse, find them, scale them, and then proceed to try and kill them from on their bodies! It was incredibly fun, and quite a bit challenging as well. But even better than that, the storyline itself (and yes, a game about kill giant monsters has a story) is actually really good, and will hit you “right in the feels”

I’m a huge fan of the original game (I still have it on disc), so now that there’s a full remake, and not just a remaster, I am thoroughly excited to play it! This is one game I will definitely be preordering!


Everyone knew that the new Spiderman game was coming to PS4. We’d all seen the CGI trailers. But what we didn’t know what how it would play. Because, let’s face it, a lot of the Spiderman games suck pretty badly. So what does Sony go and do? They give us a gameplay demo! Of course they do!

The open world of New York looks astounding! And the combat system seems akin to that of the Arkham series. Also, we got to see the use of Quick Time Events, which I’m not normally a fan of. However, it seems that Spiderman is taking hints from the original Shenmue games and using them in a way that actually helps add to the tension… Of course, that’s only from the section of gameplay we saw… But, that section definitely got me interested!

Monster Hunter World

I remember playing Monster Hunter years ago, on the PS2 I think… But then it went and became almost exclusively handheld, and coming out on Nintendo consoles. But I never forgot how much I loved running around the world, hunting giant monsters and dinosaurs, scavenging their bones to make weapons and meat for food.

The games were always massive, and the combat was exhilerating. And now, it’s coming back to the console with Monster Hunter World on the PS4… And it looks amazing!

I, honestly, cannot wait for this! The series is insanely good, and I’ve really missed playing it! I am getting this as soon as it is released!

God of War

Every PlayStation owner and fan is going to be excited about this one! God of War has been such an awesome series for the past few generations of consoles and handhelds, that the wait for the next installment is tearing me apart! The new style of gameplay looks so smooth and gritty, putting you right into the action! And that fact that Kratos has a son in toe now puts a whole new perspective on both the story and the way the game will play out.

And now we know that the new God of War will be releasing early 2018! Not exactly the date we hoped for… I’m sure many of us were hoping for a November release… But hey, at least we know roughly when it is coming now!

Days Gone

Now, I’m a huge zombie genre fan! I love The Walking Dead, 28 Days Later and the original Resident Evil games. So, when we first saw the hordes of zombies in Days Gone, I was really hyped! However, I needed to see more of the game… There needed to be more… Because if it were to just be running away from constant hordes, it would be so boring!

And look what we got! A brand new gameplay trailer, showing how you can use the zombies to help you take out other groups of people, letting us see what the driving is like, and giving us a chance to witness some of the interactions between the player and other characters.

This looks set to be a really cool addition to the zombie genre, so get hyped!

Uncharted The Lost Legacy

Uncharted really did become a huge thorn in the side of games like Tomb Raider… So when Uncharted 4 was said to be the end of Nathan Drake, many of us were saddened. Then The Lost Legacy was announced, to much surprise, back at E3 2016.

It looked great, with a really exhilerating CGI trailer, but apart from the fact that the main characters are Chloe and Ross, we didn’t know anything about the storyline, nor how these two would work together through the game. Now, however, we have a bit of an answer for that second point!

It seems as though our new protagonists aren’t really getting along, unlike Nathan and Sam from Uncharted 4. This is going to add a whole new dynamic to the story and gameplay, and I cannot wait to see where it goes!

Call of Duty World War 2 Multiplayer

Now, I’ve not been a fan of the Call of Duty games for quite a few years now… Modern Warfare was a great game, but since then, the whole series seemed to really go downhill. However, the initial announcement of Call of Duty World War 2 definitely spiked my interest once again!

You see, I am so happy that they are going back to their roots, taking us back to the horrific battlefields with the classic tanks, vehicles and weaponry! But I wanted to see how the game would actually look and play!

Well, that’s exactly what we got at the Sony conference! And you know? Bloody hell it looks like fun! From what I can see, they are looking to capture the realistic brutality of World War 2, with the entire game seemingly unforgiving. When you consider how well Battlefield 1 managed to get the storyline for World War 1 right (and very respectful), I am really hopeful for this!

And That’s All Folks!

Those are the 7 announcements from the Sony E3 2017 conference that have excited me the most! Next up, we have the Nintendo conference tonight. I guess Wii will see what they give us (and sorry for that horrible joke, but I couldn’t resist).

What do you think of Sony’s conference? Do you think they could have/should have done something bigger? Which games are you most excited about from the conference? Let me know in the comments below!