7 Of The Highest Earning Esports Players

So I’ve been looking at eSports a lot more recently, as a fan and viewer, which has led me to look at the prize pools of the different tournaments, as well as the players themselves. Because of that, I started to wonder who are the best players in eSports. So, I wanted to look into who the most successful players are in terms of the earnings they have gotten.

Interestingly, considering I recently wrote about Dota 2, the majority of the highest earning eSports players focus on Dota 2. Today, I wanted to bring attention to 7 of the highest earning esports players, just so that you can see how much of a big business eSports really is! Let’s get started.

7. GH – $3,087,344

Known by his gamer tag of GH (real name Maroun Merhej), the seventh spot in this list featured this amazing player from Lebanon. GH currently plays for the eSports team called Team Liquid, focusing on Dota 2 as his game of choice. His “heroes” of choice in the game are Io, Keeper of the Light and Earthshaker, who he uses with great skill. Interestingly, he is reported to be a very down to Earth type of guy, and even studied Law!

GH got his start in competitive gaming with Counter-Strike at just ten years old! When I was ten, I was too busy playing single player RPGs to even think about competitive gaming… Although, come to think of it, when I was ten, broadband was still a new and emerging technology, so I wouldn’t have been able to do it anyway.

6. SumaiL – $3,285,914

Sumail Hassan, who actually uses his real first name as his gamer ID, is a young professional gamer from Pakistan. Part of the Evil Geniuses team for Dota 2, he has proven himself to be a very formidable player, racking up a huge amount of money from prizes. Sumail started playing Dota 2 when he was just seven years old, visiting internet cafes to hone his skills and turn himself into a professional at the game.

In fact, he was considered a rising star in the American eSports scene at the young age of fifteen! That’s just incredible and shows the dedication that he has put into improving his skills.

5. Matumbaman – $3,468,116

Coming from Finland, Matumbaman (whose real name is Lasse Urpalainen), plays for Team Liquid alongside GH. At present, he plays the carry role in the team when playing Dota 2, with his preferred heroes being Lone Druid, Lycan and Gyrocopter. One really nice thing to note about Matumbaman is that he’s known for his positive attitude. He will often joke and play around with others, making him one of the more entertaining personalities during interviews.

Interestingly, Matumbaman actually plans on saving up his winnings in order to pay for some additional education after he retires from competitive gaming and eSports.

4. MinD_ContRoL – $3,484,411

Known to his family and friends as Ivan Ivanov, MinD_ContRoL hails from Bulgaria and, once again, plays for Team Liquid (they have quite a few people on this list, don’t they). In the team, he plays the Offlaner position, typically using heroes such as Dark Seer, Nature’s Prophet and Beastmaster. Like Matumbaman, he is known for his smile and generally happy demeanour before tournaments, despite the amount of pressure on the players.

MinD_ContRoL also enjoys playing table tennis and chess in his spare time, with a friendly yet competitive spirit shining through in everything that he does.

3. Miracle- – $3,701,337

Amer “Miracle-” Al-Barkai is yet another Team Liquid player, which just goes to show how incredibly successful Team Liquid really are! The Jordanian professional gamer takes the Mid-Laner position in the team, but can also run as the Carry position too. Interestingly, he was also the very first Dota 2 player to reach 9000 MMR, surpass w33 in ranks and has also won the eSports Rookie of the Year 2016! So yeah, you can tell just how good he is when it comes to competitive gaming!

However, he doesn’t spend all of his time in front of the PC. He is also a big fan of football, having played it in the past. This has, reportedly, helped him with discipline, teamwork and strategic thinking that has helped him secure such high spots in eSports.

2. N0tail – $3,735,055

N0tail, known outside of the Johan Sundstein (or Bigdaddy) comes from Copenhagen. He has only been playing Dota 2 since 2012, yet he has already risen up the eSports ranks. In fact, his goal is to be the top Dota 2 player out there, and he has come pretty damn close, don’t you think? N0tail currently plays for Team OG, being known for his char and humour. He plays the Solo middle role using Juggernaut.

Aside from gaming, N0tail is a huge fan of Marvel as well as a variety of TV shows like Fear The Walking Dead. One great thing to note, however, is that N0tail starting gaming back on the almighty Gameboy!

1. KuroKy – $4,128,926

And so, we come to the (currently) highest earning eSports player out there; KuroKy. KuroKy (real name Kuro Takhasomi) hails from Berlin in Germany and is the action captain of Team Liquid, meaning that they hold the large majority of players on this list. KuroKy has taken part in 92 different tournaments so far, amasing an absolutely insane amount of winnings! At just 24 years old, you can instantly see just how quickly he has risen to the top ranks.

KuroKy’s love for gaming actually started with Nintendo, before he eventually branched out into competitive gaming when he grew up.

And That’s All Folks

Those were the 7 highest earning professional eSports players at the time of writing. It’s crazy to see how much money they have earned, don’t you think? But that just goes to show how skilled they are when it comes to competitive gaming.

Have you ever thought about trying out eSports? Let me know in the comments below!

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