If you’ve been invited to a kid’s birthday, you could be having a tough time trying to come up with a gift. There are tons of choices in those toy stores, and you want to try and ensure you bring something the child doesn’t already have. One of your best tactics is to consult the child’s parents. But, no matter what you decide on, there are a few gifts you should avoid giving a child.

1. Pets

We know there’s nothing as adorable as a cuddly puppy or kitten. And, any child would be thrilled with a pet, but the care will fall on the parent’s shoulders. Also, someone in the household could be allergic to pets and having to give the puppy or kitten away could be hard for the child.

2. Sweets and Treats

Birthdays usually have enough sugar and it’s better to let the parent decide how much candy the child can have. Instead of sweets and treats, you can choose other gifts. Online gift stores such as https://babygiftbox.com.au/ give you the chance to choose unique gifts that a child is sure to adore.

3. A Set of Drums

You can just guess how this gift will go down with the parents. And, the same goes for most musical instruments. Unless the family is lucky enough to have a soundproof room, rather ditch the musical instrument idea.

4. Paint and Glitter

Give a child some glitter and puffy pens and the house is sure to sparkle for years to come. Parents aren’t likely to appreciate it, unless you know for certain that they invest time in doing arts and crafts with their children.

5. Clay, Playdough, Kinetic Sand

These are no doubt universal favourites with children, but the same can’t be said for many parents. Sticky substances like these can be spread around the entire house all too easily and can take months to properly get out of carpets and other crevices. While some parents may find cleaning fun and relaxing, most others just don’t have the time.

6. Child’s Makeup and Nail Polish

As an adult, you know just how hard it is to properly get nail polish of your nails, and you’ve probably stained a top or two with makeup in your time. Now, just imagine trying to get nail polish and makeup out of long locks or a kid’s bedding set. That’s just hard work for the parents and it could cost them a fortune replacing bedding and clothes.

7. Toys with Irritating Sounds

Whether you’re opting for a toy that plays an annoying jingle over and over again, a doll with an electronic voice that just doesn’t stop or a fire engine with a high-pitched siren, kids make enough noises on their own. So, you don’t need to add to the parent’s headaches!

These seven ideas should be at the top of your no-no list when it comes to buying gifts for children. The parents will thank you and it’s the perfect chance to find something a little more unique and appreciated.

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