When it comes to your child’s birthday, it’s always a big deal. You want to get everything right, make sure they have fun and make it as memorable for them as possible. Every parent is the same, right? Well, for us things are a little more complicated.

To start with, our families live in different countries, so being able to throw a birthday party with everyone there is near impossible. Instead, we need to make do with what can be arranged.

A Birthday Abroad

As my in-laws live in Turkey, we will be going over there to celebrate with them this year. But trying to plan a birthday gathering of family in a different country, spread across that country far and wide, can be a real challenge. From sending out invitations to planning the venue, or even the travel, can be a real chore.

Getting Things In Place

To begin with, we needed to plan our holiday around the holidays of our family members, so my wife and I booked time off work at the same time. We then discussed this with the in-laws to make sure it was suitable. In hindsight, it would have been better to ask the in-laws first… Don’t make that mistake! We got lucky!

We were also really lucky that they decided to pay for our flights and accommodation. We just had to make sure that we booked the flights so that we will land at the right time for them to meet us at the airport.



To do this, we went with Wizz Air. Partly because of their flight schedule and destinations, but mostly because they were cheap.

The next step is sending out invitations. Obviously this is rather hard considering the distance between all invites. Typical post wouldn’t cut it, and a standard email would probably be brushed aside. So, in the end, we sent some stylised and designed invites be email.

That’s where Paperless Post comes in to play. Their range of birthday invitations helped a lot, and the fact that they are digital meant we could send them out to everyone and not have to worry about the horrendous cost of sending a bunch of invitations across the world.

Moving on from there, we had to work out how we would get her gifts to her, and how to get them back to England again with us… So we decided to order them from Amazon, as they ship to Turkey. So the presents will be arriving at the in-laws in the next few days. From there, we will have a courier bring them back for us, since we won’t be able to get them on the plane.


The final step was to work out a venue for the party. There are loads of party places around, but we kept looking and found a really nice, small town with a secluded beach nearby. So, we’re going to have a beach party for her. It’s  cheaper, more enjoyable for her (she’ll get to run around, play in the sand and go in the sea) and there’s more room for all of the invitees.

So What Tips Are There For Planning A Birthday Party Abroad?

Okay, so that’s what we’ve had to do this year covered. But let’s face it, it’s more interesting to read tips on how to plan a birthday abroad yourself than read my own story. So, here are my tips for doing just that!

  1. Start planning things well in advance. You’ll need to give enough time to arrange your time off from work for both yourself and your partner.
  2. Stay in regular communication with as many of your hopefully invitees as possible. That way you can make sure that you can get the timing of your travel and stay to coincide with their free time.
  3. Review every possibly airline and flight around your selected time, and communicate the landing times to those who will be picking you up. You don’t want to make things difficult for them.
  4. If you’re buying big presents that won’t be able to go on the plane, then definitely look into getting them from somewhere that delivers internationally, like Amazon, or contacting a courier service and making sure that the gifts will arrive there early. It can help if you can have the gifts arrive at an invitee’s house a few weeks before the party. This way, there is a bit of time to account for potential delays in delivery.
  5. Send out the invitations through a digital service like Paperless Post to avoid the costs of sending a large number of letters internationally by post. It also means you’ll be able to near-immediate responses and better plan out how many people will be attending.
  6. Determine whether you are going to stay in a hotel or whether a family member can put you up. If you have someone who can put you up, then it will make your life far much easier, as they will likely have transport to take you to the party venue. Otherwise, you’ll also need to look at rental vehicles.
  7. Research every potential venue that you are interested in. And then look around for others that you hadn’t considered or thought about. You never know what you’ll find! There are some amazing party venues that just don’t have a big following online.

And That’s All Folks

There are, of course, more things to take into account, but those are 7 things I would definitely doing. Whilst they may seem a bit obvious, they are also easily overlooked but can really make your live easier when trying to plan a birthday party abroad. This is especially true when you consider that you’ve got to deal with the stresses of the airport, planes and long travel time.

So if everything else is already in place, you’ll have peace of mind and your child will be able to have a much more enjoyable birthday! Have you been planning a party recently? Ever thought of one abroad? Let me know in the comments below!

Disclaimer: This post was written and published in cooperation with Paperless Post.

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