Going to the casino can be a blast for anyone who’s legal gambling age. Unfortunately by the age most of us are financially stable enough to be able to handle losing a couple hundred dollars as a form of entertainment, we’ll also have some rugrats running around. Having kids doesn’t mean that you need to postpone your Vegas vacation until you can find a sitter, however.

Curious what I mean by that? While casinos, at least in the USA, won’t allow you to have your child with you at the gaming tables and in fact will take offense to them leaving the designated walkway on the casino floor that doesn’t mean they aren’t welcome inside the casino grounds. Las Vegas for instance is billed as one of the top family vacation spots in the entire USA despite what most people think about the strip. Unchecked debauchery definitely still has a home in Las Vegas, but there’s more than enough opportunity to have a good time at a casino with your children without them being exposed to any mature themes. This list has a lot of attractions that are specific to certain casinos in Las Vegas, but hopefully it should give you an idea of the expansive list of offerings on display at most casinos worldwide.

Here are just a few of those opportunities:

Casino Arcades

While your child will be quickly ushered away from the casino floor by security staff, one place in a casino your child can keep entertained is in the many arcades that now call casinos their home. These arcades are stocked with all of the typical arcade fare like pinball, Pac-man, and things like racing games. Depending on what casino you’re going to the arcade will range anywhere from pitiful to more interesting than the adult casino. The arcade in the Circus Circus casino in Las Vegas for instance is a giant floor filled with nearly every type of arcade game known to mankind.

If your child is under 12 you’re going to have to accompany them, but with all of the games on offer it is going to be far from babysitting. Having some quality time at any of these expansive video arcades is sure to keep your child engaged and having a great time. These arcades have all of the flashing lights and captivating sounds of the casino floor but without any of the gambling or adult themes. If your child is above 12 you’ll be able to leave them semi-unattended at the arcade but most casinos have the arcade in a place where adults can easily keep tabs on their children while they gamble.

Water Parks

Casinos now invest lots of money in being sprawling entertainment centers instead of purely institutions of luck & chance with slots and card games. Many casinos on the Las Vegas strip or in Macau have water parks that can be enjoyed with the entire family. Spend the day going down water slides or enjoying a wave pool with your child for an extremely memorable trip to the casino grounds. The Atlantis Paradise Island Resort for instance has the Aquaventure water park on the casino grounds and its size cannot be understated. There are water slides, pools, river rides, and even beaches to enjoy a full day in the sun & on the water with your children.

Kid-Friendly Shows

While it’s pretty easy to find a raunchy comedy act at nearly any casino, most understand that people are bringing their kids along so they do their best to have a diverse array of programming suitable for all ages and engaging enough for the entire family. Las Vegas does a great job at having a staggering number of child-friendly shows.

Treasure Island Casino for instance has the Mystere show that is suitable for all ages. Mystere is a Cirque show much like Cirque Du Soleil and you can expect all of the typical gravity-defying tricks expected from that variety of spectacle.

Planet Hollywood is known for their in-house magician named Xavier Mortimer. While I doubt that’s his birth name, magic seems to course through his veins. The only downside is that children under three years old are not permitted to go see his show. Mortimer is a full-blown entertainer and not just a man doing cheap parlor tricks to pass time. His show, dubbed the Magical Dream, is a 14 act show that creates an overarching storyline complete with comedy, magic, and bewilderment.

Wayne Newton may be the undisputed king of Vegas, but he’s not the only person on the strip with some serious singing chops. The Mirage casino has Terry Fator, the acclaimed 2007 winner of America’s Got Talent giving a show that’s suitable for everyone aged five or over. He’s a ventriloquist who sings grand overtures and captivating melodies with the help of his puppets. His vocal range is staggering for a man who never opens his mouth, plus his puppets all have their own personalities to boot. It’s a great mix of singing and pure comedy when Fator takes the stage.

Fancy getting a little medieval with dinner and a show while you’re at the casino with your family? The Excalibur casino has the Tournament Of Kings which is a Medieval Times style tournament that’s lead by none other than Merlin himself. Take in a delicious dinner to the sounds of jousting, gladiator-style combat as well as horse racing. It’s recommended that you pick a favorite knight and follow his progress throughout the show, egging him on all the while.

Amusement Parks

As I said before, casinos now have much more going for them than the gaming floors themselves, with most choosing a theme and going all out to immerse you and your family in a whole new world.

Back at the Circus casino, the Adventuredome is a fantastic place for the entire family. It’s an indoor amusement park that’s over five acres large and has all of the typical carnival fare with a few added bonuses. There’s a rollercoaster on site and even a go kart track, making it a completely all encompassing affair that’s sure to get the blood pumping. It’s like an amusement park, country fair, and midway carnival all rolled into one. One day isn’t even enough time to take in all of the sights and sounds at the Adventuredome. There are carnival games galore which will enable you to win your child a nice plush stuffed animal to help them remember their fantastic trip. Did I mention there’s laser tag, as well? Most of the rides require your child be at least four feet tall to ride, so please keep that in mind if you’re considering going to the Circus Circus casino.

It wouldn’t be a circus themed casino without an actual circus though, every day at 11:30 a full show is put on complete with acrobatics, clowns, and other typical circus fare.

Free Attractions

Most of the things on this list will require you to put some money down which is an unfortunate reality of any casino. However, most of these casinos rake in enough money to have some free amenities that are breathtaking in their own right.

The Bellagio Fountains top the list of free attractions available in Las Vegas. During the weekdays every 30 minutes from 3PM-8PM a stunning choreographed show of water and lighting is put on to any of the 30 songs they have on their rotation. Sit with your children and enjoy the show!

That’s not all the Bellagio has to offer as far as free attractions go. Once you’re done with the fountains on the outside, go inside to their free conservatory and botanical gardens. There are five themes and which you’ll see is dependent on what time of year you’ll be present, currently there is Christmas, Chinese New Year, Summer, and Fall. All of these themes are complete with real plants that are sure to impress. The Chinese New Year theme is complete with oriental plants from the other side of the globe, sure to make you wonder if you’re at Casino Malaysia instead of in the heart of Nevada.

Other casinos offer free art exhibits, flea markets that are free to enter and have no purchase necessary so you can look at some fancy junk, or any of the hundreds of light shows casinos tend to put on.


Any casino will do their best to keep their patrons kept on the grounds the entire time. Part of this is making sure their guests don’t have to leave for any particular reason. This line of thinking has given rise to most casinos having every type of restaurant available for you to dine at.

A Cheesecake Factory is a great family oriented restaurant where you can plan out your day and get your child excited for what’s ahead of them all while eating some magnificent food and dessert. If you’re going to Las Vegas, also known as the entertainment capital of the world, you can bet there will be some kind of show to go along with your meal.

Casinos will always let you bring your entire family into the restaurant for some good eats and quality time. Don’t think they haven’t thought about families who want to enter their grounds who want healthy, budget conscious meals that they can enjoy together. Be sure to check out all of the available restaurants at your particular casino so you can pick one that best suits you & your family’s tastes.


Any tropical resort casino as well as two or three on the Las Vegas strip is sure to have an aquarium on site full of exotic marine life sure to make your child remember their trip.

For instance, the Mandalay Bay casino in Las Vegas contains over 2,000 marine animals and has the distinction of being the third largest aquarium in America. Not too shabby, I’d say. We’re talking over 1.6 million gallons of saltwater flowing through this expansive establishment that has been extremely well thought out as far as architecture is concerned. Walk through see-through glass tubes and peer into the lives of hammerhead shakes, turtles, and schools of fish alike. Your child is sure to think you’ve taken them to Atlantis should you decide to make a trip to any of the casino aquariums.

It isn’t just idle looking around, either. You & your child can take part in interactive activities like feeding stingrays, turtles, or even zebra sharks. You feed the sharks with handheld tongs, it is a very fun experience for people of any age.

Take In The Sights

For children the glitz and glamor of casino life is instantly captivating, I can assure you your child is going to want to take a look around. Nearly all casinos are full of flashing lights, beautiful fountains as well as stunning architecture.

Take a walk with your kids anywhere they’re permitted on the casino grounds and give them a full tour of what a casino is all about. The more expansive casinos will have things to stop and look at dotted everywhere explicitly for this purpose, as well as free shows you can drop in and out on at your heart’s content going on all the while. There’s really no limit to how big a walk you can take, so if you’re trying to tire your kid out so they can get a good night’s rest, try taking them on a scenic walk where they can be dazzled by the high-end luxury of casino life.

You probably thought casinos were strictly adults only, didn’t you? Well, hopefully this list has shown you there’s very little to be afraid if you’re planning a casino vacation but have children you need to take care of. There’s no need to look for a babysitter and your children can have the trip of a lifetime with you, what’s not to love about that? Casinos have evolved far beyond the world of card games and roulette tables, it’d be a shame for your family to miss out on any of these fantastic ways to spend a day together.

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