When was the last time you treated yourself? We mean really treated yourself. Of course, Mums have a lot on their plate, especially if acting in a stay-at-home capacity. We would be lesser without them. But of course, sometimes, the Dad needs to be celebrated too. For that, it can be important to give yourself an indulgence. Don’t worry, Mum will get hers, or perhaps you will have arranged for that to happen already. No matter, because we’re going to talk about Dads today, and how sometimes, being good to yourself can be extremely healthy.

If you have a little money or time saved in the bank, and you’re willing to enjoy something fun, to try something new, and to experience something you’ve been hoping for for some time, it can be worthwhile to look around at what your options are. Too often we neglect treating ourselves. As long as you treat your family in equal measure, there’s no guilt to be felt.

A Dad’s indulgence needn’t be a selfish task. It can also be a family-oriented task. With the following suggestions, you’ll strike a healthy balance:

A New Gaming System

Enjoying a new gaming system might be just what you deserve. Of course, when people hear this, they often think of purchasing one of the new console units, upgrading a computer, or perhaps purchasing a brand new phone they can emulate old games on. But we all know that retro games are the best. It might be sourcing an old gaming cabinet, or purchasing a NES classic, or a range of other equipment to help you play the games from your childhood and to experience their wonder again.

A new gaming system might not be required depending on your setup. But investing in a series might help you enjoy a longform experience to be enjoyed over the coming years. For example, with the recent success of the Resident Evil 2 remake, you might be tempted to head back and look at the old titles in the series, those that were on Playstation and remastered on the Gamecube. Heading back to the grand old days of game design could be a treat for any Dad, especially if coupled with a beautiful cup of coffee or beer on a Friday evening after the kids have gone to bed.

Dipping Into VR

There are a range of strange worlds in the digital space, and sometimes seeing them head-on can be the most rewarding thing to do. Dipping into VR is an often-exciting, strangely rewarding and extremely stunning thing to do, be that through a HTC Vive, Playstation VR or Oculus Rift. There are many exclusive games for all of these platforms of course, and they are all impressive. Even children might like to try the range of kid-games developed just for them, but be sure to limit their contact time in VR to half-an-hour sprints at the absolute most.

Dipping into VR is perhaps best when experiencing something that you cannot in any other game. For example, Star Trek Bridge Crew allows you to experience the deck of the USS Enterprise and fulfill an order such as Captain or Weapons Officer, but it’s mostly going to be the apps that take your fancy. Creative platforms such as Tilt Brush offer you the chance to paint in a 3d space, crafting something that you feel to be absolutely wonderful.

While VR is an indulgence, units are being put on sale all the time, and as the months pass this is only becoming more and more true. If you have the time and funding to spare, it’s not a bad investment.

Publishing Fun Content

Sometimes an indulgence isn’t just purchasing yourself a new toy to enjoy. It might be implementing a new habit in our life. After all, we get the most joy from the disciplines and responsibilities we make for ourselves in life. Having children is perhaps the hardest job of all, but we routinely consider this to be our most enjoyable and grandest purpose in life.

While nothing could match the beauty and intensity of being a parent, sometimes stewarding another side discipline can be worthwhile. For example, publishing fun content. Do you have something to say? You might decide to start a YouTube series where you delve deep into retro game retrospectives, you might start a blog about the technical features of old consoles, or you might simply stream on Twitch or post ‘Let’s Plays’ of you playing fun games with your child.

Recording, editing and publishing content you’re proud of can serve as a brilliant method of helping record your thoughts, and even potentially make a name for yourself online. But of course, this must never be expected, and instead falling in love with the process could be your first indulgence.

A New Vehicle

Some indulgences are worthwhile for the entire family. There are some things in life that we don’t realise are troublesome until we upgrade them, and this can often also refer to our vehicles. Of course, purchasing a new vehicle might seem a little more than an indulgence. It’s rare that someone, especially someone running a family, can just find a new vehicle they want and bring it home within the same afternoon. But if you put an action plan in place, such as adhering to the finance options, selling your old vehicle or other unnecessary belongings and ensuring a date in which you can realistically aim at, you might find yourself in possession of a beautiful hatchback or SUV.

A New Skill

We previously mentioned that stewarding a new hobby could be fun and a great way to spend your time in the long term. But developing a new skill can also do that. Of course, all disciplines have their own required skill sets, but sometimes you might decide to develop the skill set first. For example, learning a new language. Perhaps heading to learn Japanese at evening classes (if you have the time) could not only help you with your fascination of that culture, but watching old Kurosawa movies or playing imported video games from Japan could take on a whole new feeling of familiarity that would be pretty cool to experience.

The best part about deciding to build a new skillset? If you believe that we’ve just suggested is the most ridiculous, uninviting and horrendous idea you have ever heard, you are free to do whatever you wish, and to meet new people through doing so. You might even decide to contribute some good to your local community, which can also help your family, or potentially steward new sources of income. But first, you need to fall in love with a skill, not out of compulsion, but because you can.

A Media Centre

More than any singular games console or VR system, a media centre can provide you with hundreds of hours of recreational bliss if you know how to build one appropriately. You might decide to craft a custom TV stand with many slots for your differing old games consoles or media players. You might decide to invest in surround sound audio for an excellent and immersive movie-going experience, or you might decide to invest in home cloudserve to ensure all your files are well-hosted and can be played from any supported device in the house.

A little mood lighting, a mini-fridge for all of your snacks, or a comfortable seating area and toy playpen for your children can ensure this entire place is well developed for the entire family. A media centre can often be the place where you make the most comforting memories, especially if backed up by:

A New Sofa Or Chair

You deserve to feel the most comfort sitting down as you can. A new, comfortable sofa, especially if it has enough room for members of the family, can be a great place to unwind. It’s quite amazing just how great new comfort can make us feel. If we have a place to relax and feel completely supported in our evenings, our recreation after a hard day of work can often feel so much more enveloping and nourishing.

Of course, you might already have the sofa you need. But how about the computer chair you use? If you’re using a stiff or even wooden chair, it could be that a leather office chair or an ergonomic offering could help you feel the most supported and comforted over the years. Consider it an important investment in your health, and you’ll likely be on the right track. There is absolutely nothing wrong with investing in your comfort, especially if it’s along these lines. And out of all of the options in this list, it most likely fits the description of being an indulgence you could look for easily.

While we aren’t supposed to indulge ourselves too frequently, one at the right time can help renew our sense of personal encouragement.So what are you waiting for? We’d recommend going out there and checking out what you deserve.