A little while back, I posted a retro gaming wishlist for Father’s Day (here). But that was purely focused on the gaming side of life. So, today we’re going to have part 2 of my Father’s Day 2018 wishlist, focused on the non-gaming side of life instead. Father’s Day itself is coming up very quickly, as it is only about 3 weeks away, so if you’re still trying to figure out what to get for your own Dad and they’re not that into retro gaming, then maybe this list will help you come up with some ideas.

After all, every Dad out there is slightly different, so it can be hard to figure out what to buy. This is my own wishlist, but hopefully, it will help you come up with some ideas!

Leather Jacket

Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve always had a thing for leather jackets. Whether you’re a biker or not, they just look awesome in my opinion. Part of that might be because I was such a huge fan of the first Matrix film and leather trenchcoats were a stable of the movie trilogy and games. But either way, I’ve had leather jackets ever since. Sadly, my current one has seen better days. So I would love to get ahold of a new one.

There are tons of different styles of leather jackets out there, from racing style ones to more subtle and sophisticated designs as well. So no matter what style your own Dad wears, you’ll be able to find one that suits him!

Build Your Own Radio

Every Dad out there likes to tinker with things. In fact, that’s so well known that there are jokes and internet memes about it. So if you’re stuck for what to get for your own Dad this Father’s Day, then why not look into a Build Your Own Radio kit? If your Dad is anything like me, they’ll love the retro, nostalgia-filled idea of these kits. It would also be a great project for him to work out with you, which is just awesome!

Haynes, the company most well known for their books and manuals on how to repair cars, actually created their own Build Your Own Radio kit, so you know that it will have detailed instructions so that you cannot mess it up.

BBQ Sword

One of the best things about Father’s Day is that it comes at the start of summer. The weather is improving (well, not so much here in the United Kingdom) and everyone has a BBQ on their mind. Come on, we all know it is true! So, why not mix Father’s Day with a BBQ for the family and then surprise your Dad with a BBQ Sword? Now, you’re probably wondering what on Earth a BBQ Sword actually is, right?

Well, it is pretty self-explanatory. Rather than having to pierce and flip meat and vegetables on the BBQ with normal tools, imagine thrusting a rapier sword into the food and using that instead. That is, basically, what a BBQ sword is. Pretty awesome, right?

Rogue One Death Star Lamp

Star Wars is huge. That is a fact that we all know. Yet the amount of interest in the movie franchise grew even further after Disney got their hands on it. So, if you Dad wasn’t already a fan of Star Wars, they have probably become one rather recently. Therefore, I’m sure almost any Dad out there would really appreciate the Rouge One Death Star Lamp. It features the plans of the Death Star that the Rogue One team had to obtain in order for the story of the original trilogy to take place.

This is such a cool little lamp that would look great in any office (or game room), adding a little geeky charm to the room. I would love one for my office, I can tell you that!

And That’s All Folks

It can be very difficult to choose the right gift for your Dad, so I’m really hoping that this little list will help to give you some ideas. There may only be four items on the list, but they are all really cool and unique gifts that any Dad would be happy to receive. I know I would, I can assure you of that! So, if you are stuck for gifts, take a look at any of the items above and you’ll be able to get something truly awesome for your Dad this Father’s Day!

Have you already gotten a gift for your Dad? Or are you really struggling to decide on something? Let me know in the comments below!