A Retro Gamer Father’s Day Wishlist 2018

I can’t believe that another Father’s Day is already looming on the horizon. So, with just over 2 months until it arrives, I figured now is the perfect time to put together this year’s Father’s Day wishlist post – of course, it has to have a retro gaming twist as well. Now, I don’t have a Father to gift a gift for, but maybe this post will help others work out what to get their Dads in 2018. Oh, and yes, this is somewhat self-serving as well, as it will also feature some of the stuff that I would want as well.

So, let’s take a look at what you can get for your Dad this Father’s Day that will either be helpful or nostalgic.

SNES Mini Classic

Now, I’ve already gone ahead and purchased a SNES Mini Classic for myself. You can read my unboxing post here if you want. So when I tell you that I cannot recommend it higher, you can be sure that this is based on personal experience and not just because of the idea of the console. It comes with 21 games, including Final Fantasy III (FF6 in Japan), Super Mario World and even Mario Kart. In fact, you even get to play Star Fox 2, which was never released on the original SNES.

On top of this, you can add more games to the console using Hackchi2, which is surprisingly easy. I’ve written a guide on how to add more games to the SNES Mini Classic here, just to make it even easier.

The mini console sold out stupidly faster when it was first released in 2017. However, it is now available once again on Amazon, at the original price. So this is the perfect moment to get your hands on one or order it for your Dad. He will love it!

Super Retro Trio

Sticking with the Retro Gaming console options, if your Dad would prefer to play the original cartridge games rather than emulated ROMs, then the Super Retro Trio by Retro Bit could be perfect for him this Father’s Day. Coming in at the same price as the SNES Mini Classic, the Super Retro Trio is a 3-in-1  console that plays NES, SNES and Mega Drive cartridges, outputting through AV for the most original and nostalgic feeling you could get.

It also allows you to switch which region the console plays in, meaning that the Super Retro Trio can play games from any country.

If your Dad loves the classic 8-bit and 16-bit era, then the Super Retro Trio could be one of the best gifts you could buy for him on Father’s Day 2018. It will give him the ability to play the games he loves, no matter which consoles they were released on. The console even allows you to use the original controllers as well! It is currently available on Amazon, but tends to sell out very quickly due to how awesome it is!

Venom Arcade Fight Stick

Does your Dad miss the joys of the old arcades? Well, you can help him relive the magic of those awesome locales at home with the Venom Arcade Fight Stick. I actually have one of these and use it weekly, having written a review of it here. The Arcade Fight Stick connects to and works perfectly on PS4, Xbox One and PC. This means that, no matter what console you or your Dad have, you’ll be able to enjoy playing it the classic way, especially fighting games.

The Venom Arcade Fight Stick is also incredibly durable, having survived my daughter’s many attempts to smash it for fun. Therefore, you know you’re getting value for money with it. At present, it sells for £60 on Amazon, or £65 if you get the Super Dungeon Bros Bundle, which comes with a digital download code for an awesome Xbox One game.

Pac-Man Ghost Light

Everyone out there loves quirky little household items, and Dads are no different. That’s why lamps based upon retro games are so popular. A great example of this is the Pac-Man Ghost Light. It comes with the ability to switch between 16 different colours, and retains all of the pixelated beauty of the original ghosts from the game. It also reacts to music, entering the so-called “party mode”, where it will swap colours in time with the beat of the music.

This little piece of nostalgia is awesome in the geekiest way possible but also makes a great lamp for a home office or study. Personally, I would love one in my office/game room. They currently go for about £20 on Amazon and are eligible for free UK delivery as well!

SmartBoy (for Android)

Let’s face it, the GameBoy was an excellent piece of kit with some truly incredible games. Yes, the handheld market may have evolved a lot since then, but rarely have the games captured the magic of the original and best. That’s why the SmartBoy by Hyperkin is such an outstanding gift for any Dad who grew up playing on the very first GameBoy. You see, the SmartBoy allows you to slip your Android phone into the case and turn it into a GameBoy immediately.

It even plays the original cartridges, with a slot in the back of the device that converts them into data for the phone, meaning you are able to play the games as they were originally meant to be played. You even get the proper controls thanks to the front of the SmartBoy. Therefore, you should definitely pick one up from Amazon as soon as possible.

I Don’t Get Old, I Level Up T-Shirt

T-Shirts are generally considered pretty boring and dull gifts, especially for Father’s Day. However, I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t laugh and smile when they opened up this T-shirt. After all, no one wants to think about growing older, so by turning it around into something funny, you can really make someone happy. Levelling up just sounds so much better, doesn’t it?

And considering the fact that the shirt is going for just £7.50 on Amazon, it is a cheap yet really cool gift for Father’s Day 2018, if you’re running on a budget! I would love to have a T-shirt like this, so you can bet I’ll be hinting at it over the next few weeks myself.

Paladone Nintendo Ultimate Merch Crate

Merchandise is always a great gift, for anyone. So, for Father’s Day 2018, why not go big or go home with the Paladone Nintendo Ultimate Merch Crate? It comes with a whole host of awesome merchandise, ranging from the standard notebooks and badges, all the way up to money boxes, bottle openers and even a Hyrule multi-tool. Oh, and all of them are based on Nintendo, as you would expect.

So if you or your Dad are fans of Nintendo, this could be exactly what you need! Focusing on Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda and the GameBoy itself, the Paladone Nintendo Ultimate Merch Crate is almost perfect. As with the rest of the items on this list, it is also available from Amazon, for just £39!

And That’s All Folks

Whilst there are, honestly, thousands of cool stuff that you could get for Father’s Day 2018, these 7 are ones that I would definitely recommend. They offer great levels of nostalgia, whilst also being practical as well. So it really is a win-win situation.

I, for one, would love to get any of these (except the ones I already have), as they are just so awesome.

Are you planning or looking for a gift for Father’s Day 2018? Let me know in the comments below!

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