Over the years, parents have been consistently discouraged from letting their kids play computer and video games over long periods. Statistics show that kids who spend extended periods playing such games risk becoming obese.

There are a lot of factors that come into play for your kids to maintain a healthy lifestyle. First of all, it is vital to ensure that you eat a healthy and well-balanced diet. You should also ensure that you get adequate sleep to give your muscles enough time to rest and rebuild. It is essential that both of these habits be passed down to your kids.

In addition, you can include other kinds of physical workouts besides outdoor games into your kids’ daily routines. As such, you can use performance enhancements, for example, Kamagra oral jelly from Musclesfax to complement your workout regimen.

Active Video Games Help Kids Burn More Calories

New research has shown that people who play active video games do in fact partake in some form of exercise. According to the researchers, because active video games give the players the chance to be part of the game, they allow for physical activity.

Kids and adults who play active video games burn four times as many calories than those who play popular seated ones.

The Case Study on Kids Who Played Active Video Game.

The study involved a group of kids aged between 6 and 12 years. The kids were given a 5-minute rest period before they played a seated computer game. After that, they were given another 5-minute rest after which they played a physical game. Lastly, after taking another break, the kids then played an active video game.

From the study, the researchers discovered that the kids were more active overall when playing the two action-oriented games. This translated into an increased heart rate, and as a result, they burned more calories than when they were resting or playing the regular seated video game.

Helps Kids with High BMIs

Kids with a high Body Mass Index aren’t that always that successful when it comes to maintaining a regular level of physical activity. However, with the use of active video games, such kids have a chance to develop their physical abilities and improve their fitness.

One advantage of active video games is that they are personalized, meaning kids who aren’t as physically active can improve relative to their previous performance.

Outdoor Games vs. Indoor Games?

However, there has been much debate whether it is advisable to let your kids stay the whole day indoors playing active video games. This is because as much as active video games prove to be beneficial, they still shouldn’t be a substitute for outdoor sports.

Additionally, if your kids are going to spend most of the day indoors, it is vital that you ensure you set aside a few of those hours for active gaming.


The main idea of having active video games is so that your kids can have an array of options for exercise. However, active video games shouldn’t be used as a replacement for other forms of physical activities. Also, these games aren’t limited to kids alone. Adults too can reap the same benefits as kids when participating in active gaming.