The Adventure of Buying Our First Home Part 2

So a month ago I documented the absolute rollercoaster of a ride that we’ve been through whilst trying to buy our first home. From not knowing if the seller was still going to actually sell the house, to waiting for weeks for the most simple of documents, it was crazy! That’s why I figured it would be great to give you all an update post. So today, we’re going to look at what happened since the last time I spoke about this.

Waiting For The Documents

As the previous post ended, we were waiting for documents from the seller’s solicitors that were already considerably late. Both myself and our solicitor chased daily, with my solicitor even getting frustrated. I was told that the document was a very simple form, but I had no idea just how simple it really was.

About a week later, my solicitor finally received said document and sent it over to me… It was 4 pages of tickboxes… That was all.

Apparently, it should have been filled out before or alongside the previous documents we had received, but for some reason, this had not happened. I can only speculate the reason for this, but I have my suspicions. Anyway, at this point, we finally had all of the documentation that our solicitor needed to provide us with the final report. He sent it over along with detailed explanations of everything in the documents and leasehold contract (it is a leasehold property, by the way) within a day. So I have to hand it to him, our solicitor really did do his job, and he did it very well.

Contracts And Completion Dates

After reviewing the documents and report, my wife and I agreed that we were happy to proceed, so our solicitor started drawing up the contracts. We had to agree a new completion date at this point, though… You see, we had originally planned to complete on the 12th January, but by the time my solicitor received those documents, it was the 19th January… So we suggested a completion date of the 2nd February. That would give enough time for the mortgage funds to be released and all sides to get prepared for completion day.

The seller agreed to this date, and so the contracts were sent to us and we signed them, returning them within a day.

Exchange of contracts was scheduled to happen that Friday, the 26th of January, and like fools, we allowed ourselves to get excited about it. But then, at 5:00pm on Friday, I received a call from my solicitor to say that they have been unable to get ahold of the seller’s solicitors… Here we go again…

One Last Hurdle

So it came to Monday the 29th, just 5 working days before the completion date. My wife and I were starting to panic now, because the bank needs at least 4 working days to transfer the money.

It got to midday and I still hadn’t heard anything… So I gave my solicitor a very worried call to find out what was going on. He still hadn’t managed to make contact, but being the very clever person that he is, he had already requested the mortgage funds. That meant that the funds would be with him in time to complete on the 2nd of February, no matter how late we exchanged. So naturally, that was a bit relief for us.

This was especially true when you consider the fact that we didn’t end up exchanging until 5pm on Wednesday, leaving just one working day before completion day!

All Over, For Now

Thankfully, completion day came and everything went through fine. I left work early on the Friday to drive up to the estate agents and pick up the keys, and took a look around our new house.

With the purchase now finished, we’ve moved onto the next phase; redecorating. We have no internet in the house (it should come on some time next week), and the entire place is covered in wallpaper, but we’re making some headway with it all. We’re also sleeping on sofas and living out of boxes. But you know what? We’ve got a house!

Have you got any horror stories about buying houses? I’d love to hear them, so leave them in the comments below!