Going on a cross country road trip is always a fun experience. You get to see a lot of attractions and beautiful views, meet a lot of people, and sample the local cuisine wherever you make a stop. Road trips are a great way to experience the country you live in.

Becoming a parent however, can change the way you manage a road trip. Forget the routine you had before you had children, you now have to take a growing human being into account whenever you make plans. For example, you wouldn’t take your kids hiking at Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs. Instead, you’d bring them to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo where they can see animals and feed giraffes. The same principles hold true with road trips.

While road trips can be fun, going on one with children poses unique challenges. Here’s a few tips I want to share to make road trips with your kids a lot easier.

Get a head start.

One of the tricks to enjoying a road trip with kids is to make it as short as possible for them. But since the distance between destinations isn’t likely to change, what you can do is start travelling as early as possible. This helps you beat any traffic you might encounter, plus you also get to travel while the kids are still groggy or asleep. And sleeping kids means more quiet time on the road.

Bring a lot of snacks.

The thing about kids is that they can get peckish during random times of the day. Being stuck on a freeway with no stop in sight can make hungry kids irritable. Make sure to pack their favorite snacks, along with a few healthy food items like fruits; you still want to give your kids a balanced diet.

Plan your route.

When going on a road trip with your children, expect things to be done a little differently. Kids have a shorter attention span and smaller bladders, so be mindful of the route you take. Ideally you want to plan your road trip to have more frequent stops so the kids can get out and stretch their feet before going back on the road. You also want to make sure you avoid routes that trucks frequent as a road safety precaution. In case you find yourself in a truck accident in Colorado, truck accident lawyers from sites like https://www.sawayalaw.com/locations/colorado-springs/truck-accident-lawyer/ can help.

Prepare entertainment.

Driving over long stretches of asphalt can get kids bored real quick. To keep things interesting for the little ones, prepare a few games. Being a gamer myself, I’m quite partial to the handheld gaming devices like the new Nintendo Switch Lite which will be coming out real soon, but some kids can get carsick from staring at screens. So as an alternative, why not stick to the games your old man used to play with you when you were a kid? Think I Spy and other similar games.

Another trick is to prepare small and inexpensive toys and gifts that can distract them for a bit at a time. Give one to them every hour or two as long as they behave, it’s a fun game that also teaches them to stay calm and entertain themselves.

While going on a road trip with children can be a challenging one, it can still be an enjoyable experience as long as you learn to plan it right.