Okay, so you’ve started a blog and you’re getting traffic. Perhaps you’ve been doing it for a few weeks, or even a few months… And now you want to start monetising it. That’s fair enough, don’t you think? I mean, you’ve been putting in all that effort to write your posts and build up your traffic.

But, where to get started? There are so many ways to monetise a blog that it can be hard to get your head around. From Google AdSense to sponsored posts and everything in between!

So, where to get started? Well, I would recommend looking into Amazon Associates. It’s the easiest one to get started with, because you don’t need to pass any traffic or follower requirements. You just need to register on the Associates site to get started!

So, What Are The Benefits?

Well, the biggest benefit of all is the sheer amount of products available on Amazon! One mistake a lot of people (myself included) make when first starting out with affiliate marketing is to just use it to post banner ads all over their site.

The problem with that is you’re not actually selling anything. You’re not marketing the product or service, you’re just advertising it. And that’s much harder to turn into a sale or lead, meaning you are much less likely to make any commission.

Amazon, on the hand, has an absolutely insane amount of products, some of which you are likely already to own! And when you own something, you can write about it and you can market it! From reviewing a product or making a top 10 list, there’s loads of ways to drum up interest and desire. The wealth of products available on Amazon just makes it so much easier for you to get going on things properly, and actually get a sale.

And from there, we can start looking at how much commission you’ll be getting and how it all works.

Getting Paid

Okay, so to start with, let’s discuss how sales are assigned to you. With most affiliate networks, when a user clicks on your ad, they need to purchase the product during that session, or within 24 hours.

This is the case with Amazon Associates as well, except that it is not limited to the product you sent them too. If they purchase something else instead, you get commission on that instead. So, as long as you send them to Amazon and they proceed to purchase anything within the next 24 hours, it is attributed to you and you get paid.

And if that wasn’t enough, if they don’t purchase anything but add something to their basket, then the 24 hours extends to 30 days! And the next order the place within that time period is attributed to you. So yeah, you get commission on everything in that order! Pretty amazing, huh?

But what about the rates? What kind of commission do you actually get? Take a look at the following table to find out!

Again, not too shabby, right? The commission is actually pretty good!

On top of that, Amazon make it really easy to build affiliate links with various browser extensions, WordPress plugins and more! For example, when logged in to Amazon with the same account as your Amazon Associate’s profile, you get a little top bar that appears above the site’s content, giving you access to Image, Text or Image & Text links for whatever product page you are on at the time.

So, this just makes it even easier! You’ll be able to find the exact product you want to discuss in a blog post, whilst also quickly getting an affiliate ad on your site!

So There You Have It

Amazon Associates is by far the easiest affiliate network to get into, and they make it as easy as possible to get the links you need. And as I said already, the sheer amount of products available on there means that you’ll be able to find ones for whatever niche you choose to go with for your blog!

Did you find this useful? Are you using Amazon Associates yourself or are you thinking about it? Let me know in the comments below! Oh, and you’re thinking of buying something from Amazon, why not help support That Marketing Punk by using the logo below?

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