Another 7 Video Game Remakes I’d Love To See

You know what? It’s pretty amusing that, back in 2017, I did a post on the top 7 games I’d like to see get a remake (here) and Resident Evil 2 was on there… Now, we have the Resident Evil 2 Remake and it is (in my opinion, at least) the epitome of remakes, and a remake that all others going forward should strive to be.

Well, since we now know that a remake of a truly classic game can actually be done exceedingly well, I wanted to revisit this subject and look at 7 more games that I would like to see get the Resident Evil 2-style makeover. So, let’s get started!

Oh, and I won’t be including The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening since we already know that it is happening. The same goes for Final Fantasy VII.

7. The Legend of Dragoon

Right, well, as this is my list I’m going to include a game that is purely listed because of my own personal adoration for it. The Legend of Dragoon is an epic fantasy RPG for the original PlayStation (which I have been streaming recently and you can watch my playthrough videos here). It was developed and produced by Sony Computer Entertainment, meaning that the PlayStation creators have control over the IP, but nothing has been done with it since the original game’s release.

It featured one of most unique takes on RPG combat I have seen, as well as great characters (with the exception of Miranda) and a really exciting storyline. It may not have broken many of the common moulds for RPGs, outside of combat, but it was a really great game to play. It still is, to be honest. And if Sony were to pick it up again, and remake it with the same love and care that went into the Resident Evil 2 Remake, I think we would have a truly incredible game on our hands!

On top of that, they could expand the game with extra backstory elements, meaning that Miranda could have some real character development – something she is missing in my opinion.

6. Dino Crisis

It shouldn’t really be surprising that a Capcom game made it onto this list. What might be surprising is that the game listed isn’t Resident Evil 3. Whilst I do really enjoy the third instalment of the Resident Evil franchise, I would be much more interested if we got a trailer for a Dino Crisis remake at this year’s E3.

Dino Crisis is so much more than a Resident Evil game with dinosaurs, as many people called it. It was the first Capcom game to utilise fully rendered 3D environments, as opposed to pre-rendered backgrounds that the characters moved along. This meant that the developers were able to make amazing set pieces, like a boss fight against a T-Rex around a burning helicopter. Sure, the actual boss fights weren’t that great mechanically, but visually, they were stunning.

By remaking Dino Crisis, even using the RE Engine from Resident Evil 2 Remake and Resident Evil 7, Capcom would get the opportunity to revitalise these boss fights, improve voice acting and made the game even scarier than it was before!

5. Haunting Ground

We are sticking with the horror games for this next entry, and also looking at one of the games that most certainly left a resounding image in my brain. Haunting Ground for the PS2 was one of the most unnerving games I had ever played, beaten only by Rule of Rose and Forbidden Siren. The game features a young girl who gets kidnapped and then hunted through a massive estate by a bunch of maniacal characters who all want her for different, diabolical reasons.

You have no real means to defend yourself, with only your canine companion offering any sort of protection throughout the course of the game. This leaves you feeling constantly vulnerable and always on edge. It’s a sense of fear that we rarely get from games these days.

By remaking the game in a more modern engine, the developers would likely be able to add some sense of terror back into the “run and hide” genre, which has become somewhat saturated in recent years.

4. Persona 2 Innocent Sin/Eternal Punishment

Moving back to my other favourite genre of video games, the RPG, we have Persona 2. However, this is sort of a cheat entry as Persona 2 is split across 2 games; Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment. The Persona series has become one of the most famous role-playing game series out there now, thanks to Persona 3, 4 and 5. However, the games on the original PlayStation are very different!

They are both incredibly dark in terms of themes and overall style, much more so than the more recent Persona games. They also don’t feature the comedy that you get in the Social Links part of the newer games. However, don’t let that turn you away. Both of the Persona 2 games are incredible and offer an unforgettable experience with some really thought-inducing combat, rather than just pressing one button over and over.

A full remake of the games would also mean that the issues with 90s translations could be addressed, as well as giving us European players a way to enjoy the games without importing them!

3. Oni

Moving on, we’re going to discuss a game that really doesn’t get a lot of attention. In fact, it didn’t get much attention when it was released either, so the idea of a remake is probably a really long shot… But we have Oni for the PlayStation 2. I’m a huge fan of the cyberpunk genre, and Ghost in the Shell is one of my all time favourite anime. The reason I wanted to state that is that Oni takes huge inspiration from Ghost in the Shell and is 100% a cyberpunk action beat-em-up game.

You play as a police officer in the future, where the large majority of the world is no longer habitable and people live in huge cities. You deal with hackers, crime syndicates and everything else you would expect from a cyberpunk police storyline. But the gameplay is also very fun, even if the controls take some getting used to.

Considering the resurgence of Ghost in the Shell recently, thanks to the live action movie (which I actually enjoyed), it would be a great time for this game to see a revival. By updating it on modern consoles, the gameplay could be improved and the controls could be worked on as well. Doing that would help to make an already great but forgotten game jump to the forefront of the industry, as it deserved to at the time (in my opinion).

2. Shadow of Memories

I do wonder how many of you will remember Shadow of Memories for the PS2, also known as Shadow of Destiny. It was a launch title for the console made by Konami, back when they were still interested in pushing out great games. In short, the game starts with your death. Then, you make a deal with a strange creature who brings you back to life, and you need to solve the mystery of who killed you by going back and forward in time.

It was such a unique game at the time, and I haven’t found another game since that manages to capture the sense and feelings that Shadow of Memories did. The game really is one of a kind, and yet, it manages to be that unique without becoming a bad game. There are negatives, of course, such as the constant timer that you need to play against. If the timer runs out, then you get killed again.

But as with the other games on this list, a full remake would give the developers the opportunity to update the gameplay mechanics to fix any of the issues. This would make a wonderful game even better!

1. Parasite Eve

The last game on this list is from Squaresoft, before they merged with Enix, and was also their first 18+ rated game. Parasite Eve was marketed as the “cinematic RPG” and definitely lives up to that name. Set in New York at Christmas, it acts as a sequel to the original Parasite Eve novel and movie adaptation, meaning that the game features a huge amount of story despite only lasting around 12 to 15 hours.

It mixes Survival Horror gameplay styles like Resident Evil with action RPG gameplay similar to Vagrant Story. Also, despite never being released in Europe, it did spawn 2 sequels (which we did get over here) and a cult following of die-hard fans. However, from my understanding, there is currently a lot of confusion over who owns the rights to the series now, meaning a new entry or a remake is highly unlikely.

Yet, if one was announced at E3, I honestly don’t think I would be able to contain my excitement. The announcement of Final Fantasy VII broke the internet – an announcement of a Parasite Eve remake would break me.

And That’s All Folks

Those were 7 more games that I would like to see get a modern remake. A couple of them are very unlikely, but all of them could really do with an upgrade to get more attention to otherwise really enjoyable games!

What games would you want to see get the Resident Evil 2 quality remake makeover? Let me know in the comments below!