Haven’t you heard? Apps are the new websites. They’re the thing that any business worth their salt is going to need as we approach the next decade. Whatever your business’ size or scope and whatever the product or service in which you specialise, make no mistake- your business needs an app! You could be forgiven for thinking that apps ate the domain of the corporate heavy-hitters, but SMEs are becoming increasingly aware of how apps can help to promote and grow their businesses. You may also think that the cost is too prohibitive, but The App Developers will be more than happy to prove otherwise. Fortunately for you, apps are still considered something of a novelty among consumers so now is the best time to join the revolution if you don’t have an app already.

If you already have an app but you’re yet to notice it paying dividends, then perhaps you’re not using it to its full potential. Here are some ways that your app can be an invaluable tool in growing your business.

App stores in themselves are a great promotional tool

Given that last year 30% of all e-commerce in the US were made through mobile apps, it’s safe to say that there are a LOT of potential customers browsing through the Android and Apple app stores. These are leads that you’re letting slip through your fingers unless you have a presence on these app stores. Having a bold and eye-catching icon is a great start but with 1,600 apps a day getting published, you may need to make efforts to stand in. Click here for some hints that will help you app get featured and alert millions of potential leads to your business.

Apps are an additional revenue stream

Apps are great for generating revenue in areas where your email campaign and even your social network reach may fall short. Apps are great for alerting users to new offers and promotions through push notifications. Even customers who’ve signed up to your email notifications may be missing out on beneficial offers because they simply aren’t checking their emails enough or because your email circular has gone straight in the spam box.

Geo-specific data collection also enables you to target customers with personal and localised offers that are hyper-relevant to them.

Apps make your reach go viral

It’s digital marketing 101; the wider your reach, the more potential leads are winding their way to you, begging to be converted. The best way to broaden your reach is to create virality amongst your existing customers just like Uber and Deliveroo. This is done by incentivising your existing customers to introduce their friends and family to your business with exclusive deals and coupons if they refer a friend to your business.

Apps are a great way to promote brand loyalty

Starbucks are market leaders in using their apps to promote brand loyalty. Not only can customers use their app to facilitate purchases by loading credit onto the app, they enjoy VIP status by being able to order and pay for their drinks in advance so that they can skip the queue when they arrive in store. The coffee giant also employs a cool graphic that allows their customers to fill a cup with gold stars every time they make a purchase. Fill the cup and the customer gets a free drink!

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