Ever since my daughter got her Autism diagnosis, my wife and I have been looking into different resources and advice for Autism Parents. There’s a lot of information out there, as it happens, which we didn’t really expect.

However, this just makes it more difficult. To use an outdated phrase; you can’t see the forest through the trees – or rather, you can’t see the trees through the forest. There is so much information out there, all scattered around, that it is hard to find the details and bits of advice that will actually be helpful.

So, in an effort to make things easier, I’ve decided to create this list of Autism Parent resources. In essence, this will be an ever-growing list of advice sites, articles and more that my wife and I find useful. By putting this together and curating it, I hope that it will make other Autism Parents’ lives that little bit easier. So let’s get this list started, shall we?


  1. Books
  2. Websites
  3. Podcasts
  4. YouTube Channels
  5. Charities and Organisations

Books for Autism Parents

Books about Autism were the first places of information we went to when were starting researching Autism and raising an Autistic child. So, I will list out all of the books that we have found inciteful and helpful.

  • The Autistic Brain by Temple Grandin
    • This book is incredibly detailed and, although it does rely on theory a lot, is a very educational read. You certainly shouldn’t take everything in it as definite fact, but it is a very good place to start to learn more about Autism.

Websites for Autism Parents

Coming Soon

Podcasts for Autism Parents

Podcasts are a great tool and resource that you can easily digest when you’re commuting, working or doing the housework. They can be really powerful as well since you can actually listen to other Autism Parents talking about their experiences and advice.

The following is a list of podcasts that we have found so far that have been useful;

  • Autism and Us by Maisie Clater
    • This podcast was started early into Maisie’s journey as an Autism Parent and she speaks to a number of different guests about their experiences with Autistic children. The stories and experiences that you hear are both incredibly helpful and also soothing as they show you that other people are going through the same things.

YouTube Channels for Autism Parents

YouTube has become one of the most diverse places on the internet for information, and that includes help and advice for Autism Parents. Here, I will list the YouTube channels that I have subscribed to, in case you find them helpful too!

  • FatheringAutism
    • Similar to podcasts, FatheringAutism is a vlog channel showcasing the life of an Autism Family. This type of look into the “typical” life of an Autism Parent and their child can be amazing to let you know that you’re not alone, help you understand what your child is going through, and give you ideas on how to help your child.

Charities & Organisations for Autism Parents

There are so many charities out there now in regards to Autism, which can be a really great thing. However, knowing which ones to speak to or take advice from can be hard. That’s why I will only list ones that we feel have actually been helpful and have also been supported by those Actually Autistic.

  • The National Autistic Society
    • The National Autistic Society provides a huge amount of great advice, especially for new Autism Parents. We have found them to be invaluable (there’s a reason why my JustGiving page is set up to donate straight to them).