With vastly improved technology from the days when the best you could hope for in terms of mobile gaming was a snake in a pixelated box on the classic Nokia, we’ve come a long way! Posts like How To Have a Stellar Gaming Experience on the Go show the lengths you can go to for that premium mobile experience. Graphics are significantly better and, not only that, but there are games specifically designed for you to play when you’re commuting or, in the case of games like Pokemon Let’s Go, even encourage you to take them outside and interact with the world via the game. However you game, it’s clear that mobile gaming is here to stay so, with that in mind, we’ve picked out some of the most enjoyable for you.

Candy Crush Saga

We couldn’t make a list of mobile games without including this one. With its bright colours and simple gameplay, Candy Crush will be sure to have you coming back for more again… and again… and again.

Temple Run

Although there now exist plenty of knockoffs, the original Temple Run is where it all began. Perfect for popping out when you’re hanging around for a bus, one of the game’s best features is pretty much all levels can be played with one hand. Simply tilt your phone screen to send your runner dashing around and collecting coins and bonuses as they go.

Steamworld Dig

A fun, addictive game for the Nintendo Switch, this is one where you use your pickaxe and drill to just, well, dig. The aim is to get as far as you can and, along the way, there are shortcuts and bonuses to get you back to the surface. It will give you hours of playtime and, when you’ve completed it, Steamworld Dig 2 comes highly recommended.

Dead Cells

Another roguelike adventure game for the Switch, this game features short levels so you can speed your way through to the next level though. Be warned, boss battles can be pretty challenging. Your gear and stats reset after every death, but you do get to keep some coins so it’s not completely wasted.

Cooking Craze

Back to the apps for this one, and it’s a great game with clear, bright graphics. Cook your way through each country, completing level after level for the chance to win bonuses and progress through the game. In-game purchases can be avoided so it’s not going to eat up everything you earn. Definitely worth checking out for killing time when you’re out and about.

Plants vs Zombies

The premise is simple. Protect your house from hoards of invading zombies. How? By planting rows of defensive plants, of course. You can complete this game without spending a single penny and you’ll find yourself playing just one more level to complete this compelling mobile game. We also now have Plants vs Zombies too if you’re looking to continue to gameplay after you’ve finished the first edition.

The Banner Saga

Now with a mobile and Android version of this much-loved PC game, it’s all about the journey as you trek across an approximation of Norway with your caravans. Expect a compelling RPG which will leave you wanting more and don’t forget to take your headphones – the sound on this one’s well worth it.