If you are a person that is made up equal parts avid PC gamer and Apple aficionado, then taking your gaming experience to your Mac computer or laptop should be high on your tech priority list. And, you should be wanting to do this despite what any naysayers (Windows lovers) might have to say regarding the Mac’s ‘not-so-powerful’ GPU and its other hardware designs that make gaming ‘restrictive’. You should be wanting to do this because, today, Macs really do provide a gaming experience that truly is there to be enjoyed and watched in awe because of the fact that its gaming library has come a long way.

And, once you do decide to boot up your Mac for a spot of gaming, make sure to take some of the games below into consideration because they are perfect when played upon the device.
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Stardew Valley

If you want a simulator game that does far more than simulate and even actually enters into the realm of role-play, then Stardew Valley could be for you.

Yes, this farming simulator lets you do more than just live in the game and allow the virtual world around you to just pass by, it allows you the chance to take on missions and quests and really get your teeth stuck into things like fishing, mining, the customising of professions, the unlocking and exploring new areas and artefact finding. You can even get married in the game, too! So, if you’re looking for a simulator come role-play game to play when you get gaming on your Mac, make sure to consider Stardew Valley.

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

Yes, another game on this list prefixed by the word star, but it’s worth it. Yes, Starcraft II is definitely worthy of a spot on this Mac gaming list simply because of how entertaining and expansive a game it is. And, if you’re the type of game that loves real-time strategy epics, then this could very well be the game for you.

Upon booting up your Mac and entering the world of Starcraft you would be faced with the task of micromanaging a host of different responsibilities, such as maintaining your resources and available units, watching out for enemy Zerglings and laying traps for intruders into your camp. And, what this means for all your strategy gamers out there is that you could find yourself the next big game in your life to keep you entertained for hours on end — if that’s not enough to get your Mac repaired and get you gaming on it, what is?

Portal 2

Similarly, if you’re the type of person that loves a good puzzle game, then Portal 2 could be right up your street. It could be right up your street because, quite simply, everywhere you turn in this game you will be faced with unique puzzles that need solving if you’re to break out of the giant Aperture research facility that you’ve been enslaved within. So, get solving!

If you need to kill some time whilst at uni, then booting up your Mac and then gaming on it could be the perfect thing for you to do. So, get booting up and get gaming!

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