Recently, I wrote about the Massive Online Battle Arena game called Dota 2 (here), and how you can get started with playing this huge eSports game. However, not everyone wants to actually try and get actively involved in competitive gaming. Instead, you may prefer to sit back and enjoy watching others compete using their honed skills.

This, however, raises another question that we are going to look at today; where, exactly, should you be watching Dota 2 matches? After all, there is a tonne of different sites out there that you could use! So, if you’ve ever asked yourself “where can I watch Dota 2“, read on!

The Top Sites To Watch Dota 2

Despite the absolutely huge amount of streaming sites out there, as well as the websites that embed streams from other places, there really are just three places you really need. Specifically, you have YouTube Gaming, Twitch and Major League Gaming. Each of these sites and apps are designed specifically to showcase gameplay, meaning that you are far more likely to get a good viewer experience.

With that said, let’s look into each of the three options in a bit more detail so that you can work out which would be best for you!

YouTube Gaming

The first method we are going to look at is using the longest running platform for watching video content on the internet; YouTube. Specifically, YouTube released a secondary website and app called YouTube Gaming a little while back. This version of the website sorts out videos and content based upon the game that video is about. This is meant to make it easier to find what you are looking for, and honestly, it works most of the time.

However, I have found that it still using the standard YouTube algorithms to sort the content when you are browsing. This means that you may have to scroll through a whole bunch of older content (sometimes up to 10 years old) to find a recent video to watch. So keep that in mind when looking for Dota 2 videos and livestreams.


Whilst YouTube as a whole has been around a lot longer, Twitch really hit the ground running and pushed livestreaming to the forefront of gaming entertainment. Before Twitch, YouTube had been the sole home of gaming content in video form, with the likes of reviews and Let’s Play series gaining massive traction. That all changed when Twitch came along, as the added benefit of the content being live was the interaction with the viewers. This, in turn, leads to Twitch being the preferred platform for a lot of sporting events (not just eSports).

For example, you can watch wrestling events live on Twitch, then take a break to watch a professional streamer playing a challenge run of Dark Souls, before finally switching over to a Dota 2 tournament. This flexibility of content really helps Twitch pull ahead of the game (no pun intended), but can also create a bit of a headache. There is almost too much choice, meaning that you could potentially get lost in all of the content. Thankfully, Twitch’s “browse” function makes it really easy to navigate to a specific game or streamer, if you already know what you want to watch. If you don’t, then you’ll end up searching through all of the streamers trying to find one you click with!

Major League Gaming

Unlike both YouTube Gaming and Twitch, Major League Gaming is solely based around eSports livestreaming. Rather than having both casual and professional streams alongside tournament events, you’ll only find the actual events available to watch. This includes all types of tournaments for every eSports game out there. That can be great if you’re just looking for some general eSports gameplay to watch. However, it can also mean that (like with YouTube and Twitch) you get lost trying to find the game you want to watch amongst all of the others.

Thankfully, because the site is so focused on eSports content, you’ll be able to find that specific game a lot easier than the other sites. Therefore, it is safe to say that Major League Gaming wins out in terms of usability in that sense. However, when it comes to infrastructure for the stream, Twitch and YouTube Gaming still take the cake.

And That’s All Folks

Those are, in my opinion, the three best ways for you to watch professional Dota 2 gameplay and tournaments. Personally, I prefer to use Twitch over the others as I am far more accustomed to the platform when it comes to livestreaming (since I stream on my own channel as well). But which one is best for you is up to you to find out.

Have you every watched Dota 2 online? Let me know in the comments!

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