With the rise of eSports, one of the biggest things that have come about as a side effect is the idea of gambling and betting on it. After all, betting on sports like football and horse racing has been around for years. So why not have the same thing for eSports, right?

I mean, it was only natural for eSports betting to become a big thing as the scene grew. However, it also brings to light another question; just because you can go eSports betting, should you? That’s what I wanted to take a look at today.

What Betting Types Are Out There?

I guess the first place to start would be looking at what betting types are out there, as this would form the basis of my investigation into whether you should be betting on eSports. So, what sort fo bets can you make? Well, here’s a select few that I’ve come across so far;

  • Betting on individual matches
    • You can bet on specific teams or players to win the match
    • You can bet on specific teams or players to get the most amount of kills
  • Betting on tournaments
    • You can bet on specific teams or players to win a match
    • You can bet on specific teams or players to win the tournament
    • You can bet on specific teams or players to get the most amount of kills

Are Any Of These Worth It?

So, now that we know some of the various types of bets you can actually place on eSports, the time has come to decide whether we should or shouldn’t actually do them. After all, some might be worth the risk and others certainly are not! But which is which? Let’s see, shall we?

Individual Matches

When it comes to individual matches, things can be a bit tricky because of how quickly the tide of a match can turn. For example, it may seem like a specific player is doing incredibly well at the start, but things can quickly turn around. This is especially true when looking at shooters and battle royale style games. Therefore, it is generally better to be on number of kills rather than specific winners. For example, if you bet on a person playing Fortnite to win, they could actually die at any time. However, if you bet on them reaching a certain amount of kills, then you’re betting more on their skill and are more likely to be successful.


Now this is where things are a bit safer. Why? Well, for starters, you have a wealth of previous tournament knowledge to look into to make sure you’re making an educated bet. Plus, if you wait for the preliminary stages to end, then you have a much higher chance of betting on a successful team or player. However, I would generally recommend betting on individual matches over winning the whole tournament. That way, you can stagger your winnings, choosing the best player or team for each match.

And That’s All Folks

In the end, if you want to go eSports betting, go right ahead. After all, people do it for other sports all of the time. Just be mindful of how you are betting, how much you are putting down, and how often you are doing it. Bet responsibly and sensibly.

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