Well, here we are. 2017 comes to an end tomorrow, and I get ever closer to the big 3-0. In fact, I turn 30 in precisely 27 days (not including today)… But anyway, I digress. This year, for all its ups and downs, is swiftly coming to a close, and it is time to look forward. As such, I thought I would join the string of other bloggers who are making short and sweet posts about the things they want to accomplish in the next year.

Thus, this is going to be a rather quick post with not a lot in it, but it will serve as a checklist of the various goals I have, which I can refer back to later. So, here we go.

  1. Get as many of the games, accessories and consoles on my Wish List as possible.
  2. Finalise the purchase of our first house and get the family moved in.
  3. Sort out stage 1 of my retro game room/office plan.
  4. Put some effort into making the 16-Bit Awards something a bit more special and prestige, as I want to do it each year.
  5. Make sure headway into my Survival Horror collection and Gundam collection checklists.
  6. Put more effort in my YouTube channel, making at least one video each week..
  7. Get hold of a region free PS2 or sort out my silver PS2 so that it can play NTSC-J games.
  8. Get my Twitter followers up to 8,000 by the end of 2018.
  9. Start writing content for other parenting or gaming sites.
  10. Get this site’s design to a point where I am as happy as I am going to be with it.

And I think that’s probably enough… Those 10 things are my goals for this coming year, and I’ll be doing my best to achieve each one.

Have you set yourself any goals for the year? Let me know in the comments below!

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