Well, today’s been a busy day here on 16-Bit Dad, hasn’t it? What with launching my competition for an EasySMX headset and my History of the PlayStation post going out, but what do you know, I’m not done yet! You see, I got a really nice surprise this morning that made my day! The awesome Abbie nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award, which brought a smile to my face on this otherwise cold and dark winter’s day.

So, even though I’m supposed to thank you as part of the Blogger Recognition Award away, this is a legimitate one; thank you for the nomination Abbie! And to everyone currently reading this, definitely go and check out her blog over at What Abbie Says. (But come back and read the rest of this post as well, okay?)

What Is This Award?

For those of you who don’t know, the Blogger Recognition Award is one where bloggers nominate each other, bring attention to each other’s blogs and showing how much they appreciate the hard work and awesome content other bloggers are doing/making. Pretty awesome, right?

The way it works is, you get nominated by a fellow blogger, and then you do the following:

  1. Write a post thanking the amazing blogger who nominated you.
  2. Explain how and why you started your blog.
  3. Share two pieces of blogging advice.
  4. Nominate 15 other bloggers that you can’t get enough of, and let them know about it.

Pretty simple really, but also a wonderful idea that I feel privileged to be a part of.

How 16-Bit Dad Started

I’m a little worried that this won’t actually be that interesting to read, but oh well. I actually started this blog under the name That Marketing Punk, as it was originally a place for me to discuss and explore the world of SEO in greater detail. You see, I’ve worked in Digital Marketing and SEO for over a decade, so I’ve picked up quite a few tricks and seen every iteration of Google’s updates. So, I wanted to be able to share that knowledge with others.

However, over time I realised that, whilst I enjoy doing that for work, there were things I prefered to talk and write about outside of the hours 9-5:30. Specifically, those two things were; my life with my awesome daughter, and my addiction to games – or rather, to older games that now fall under the “retro gaming” category. I still can’t believe the PS2 is retro; it makes me feel old…

And so, I added in sections to That Marketing Punk to cater for both parenting and retro gaming. But then, as the months went by, I started writing a lot less marketing related content, instead focusing on the parenting and retro gaming. Thus, I decided it was time to rebrand, and drop the marketing aspect from the blog name, changing the blog into 16-Bit Dad instead. Now I’m sharing everything I learn about being a Dad, whilst also being able to discuss all of the awesome retro games and consoles to my heart’s desire!

Blogger Advice

Now, this is probably where I’m going to stumble a bit, simply because I hate giving advice… Not because I don’t like helping people, but because I’m just not very good at it! But let’s give it a try anyway. And I apologise for the techy stuff that’ll be included here, but the only valuable advice I can really give is from an SEO perspective…

NoIndex Your Tag Archives

Everyone uses tags in blog posts. It’s a given, right? I mean, that’s how the WordPress reader categorises posts so you kind of need them. But did you know that they create additional archives of your posts? Well, those extra archives will be bring in excerpts of the posts within them, which will actually count as duplicate content… And duplicate content is a big no-no for Google!

So, I would highly recommend you set them to NoIndex. This will tell Google to just flat out ignore these extra archives.

If you’re using WordPress, then make sure you have Yoast installed and have the Advanced Settings active. Then, you can go into the Metas and Titles section, find the Archives tab and set all archives to NoIndex. It’s actually really easy!

Switch To HTTPS

Google have been pushing for sites to be “secure”, using HTTPS, for months now. But did you know that Google Chrone will soon be showing “insecure” warnings on any website with even a text box that isn’t on HTTPS? And yes, that includes comment boxes… So, as long as you have any way for people to interact with your site, you need to be on HTTPS.

If not, then a warning will be shown to people whenever they come to your blog (before the blog loads), and that is likely to drive those visitors away before they even see your content! Let’s Encrypt allows you to get an HTTPS certificate for free, and some hosting and domain services already have it built in to their admin section. So definitely take a look and see if it is already built into yours!

The Nominees

And so we get to the fun part, where I get to nominate 15 awesome bloggers that I feel you guys really need to check out!

  1. DadBlogUK – John Adams has been somewhat of an inspiration to me. He’s what I aspire to be in terms of a blogger, and every post he writes is such a great read!
  2. Helpless Whilst Drying – Rachael is actually a colleague of mine, and also a really good person. On top of that, she’s a great blogger, who has provided me with a lot of advice on how to get things going. She’s also very good at finding any mistakes in my posts! Oh, and she’s a fellow Peterborough Blogger!
  3. It’s Me Colin – This guy is hilarious! And an all-round great guy. I’ve had many a good chat on Twitter with him, and have learnt a lot about Mental Health from his blog as well.
  4. Pickle and Poppet – Jo is actually the partner of another colleague of mine, but don’t let that fool you. Her posts are so well written and so honest, that they’re an absolute joy to read!
  5. SuperNerdyDad – I love my movies. I have a huge collection of them! But I’ll tell you know, I couldn’t write reviews as awesome and entertaining as you’ll find on SuperNerdyDad. Definitely check him out.
  6. MetalJesusRocks – Okay, so technically he’s a vlogger, but he does take the time to put transcripts of his awesome retro gaming videos onto his blog. So when I can’t watch them, at least I can read them! And man, MetalJesus is who I want to be when it comes to Retro Gaming! (And MetalJesus, I fully understand if you can’t write a post about this nomination, so no worries man!)
  7. JuicyGameReviews – Known as TheGebs24 on YouTube, Gemma is a British gaming blogger with a big taste for Retro Games. I’ve watched all of her videos, and read most of her posts, and they never get dull! Her livestreams are awesome too, even if I’m just a lurker when watching them…
  8. The Dadventurer – Firstly, isn’t that just the coolest name for a blog? Anyway, Dave is another absolutely amazing Dadblogger who is both a gentleman and a comedian! His post about the best looking Cbeebies hosts was hilarious!
  9. Mummy’s Little Monkey – Believe it or not, Jacqui was actually the first blogger I really spoke to within the community. She has been really helpful in a number of ways, despite my cheeky requests, and her blog is a hoot to read (and I never say something’s a “hoot”)!
  10. The Stamford Foodie – We actually met recently at an event for Gravitas magazine, and whilst in the car, got speaking about a whole bunch of funny stuff! As a huge fan of food (ask anyone who knows me in person), this is one food blog I can definite recommend!
  11. Oh So August – I used to work with Beth, and I’ll be honest, it was her blog that inspired me to start this one in the first place. I’d never really thought about it, until speaking with her and seeing how awesome her’s was! Also, she’s a fellow Peterborough Blogger too!
  12. Faded Spring – Fashion bloggers aren’t generally my sort of thing, but Ana’s blog is completely different! She talks about some of the most important topics anyone could discuss, alongside showcasing some amazing outfits. This is one blog that everyone needs to be reading… No, seriously…
  13. She’s A Gentry – Kat is an awesome lifestyle blogger who’s big into crafts as well. She’s really friendly, and writes amazing well! She’s also really good at getting great shots for her blog too, making it stunning to look at.
  14. Out Of Depth Dad – Don’t be fooled by the big menu; Out of Depth Dad is a great dadblog, with some of the most entertaining photos I have ever seen. I especially like his “5 Stupid Things I Am Regularly Asked” post!
  15. Elle May – A fellow gaming blogger, amongst other topics, Elle also livestreams. She writes some really great and in-depth reviews of a lot of modern games and movies in such as a way that you just want to keep reading and reading.

Man, it was hard to narrow that down to 15, and I know a bunch more bloggers that I’d love to mention… So maybe I’ll do that in another post in the future. But for now, definitely go and check those guys out! You won’t be disappointed.

And That’s All Folks

The Blogger Recognition Award is a great idea, and a wonderful way to show how much you value this awesome community. I’m really happy that I get to be a part of this, and I implore you to check out as many bloggers as you can. We’ve all got to stick together!

Who are some of your favourite bloggers? Let me know in the comments below so that I can go and take a look!

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