Okay, so I’m sure you have heard of SEO… But for those who haven’t, it stands for Search Engine Optimisation and refers to tweaks and changes that lead to your website appearing “higher” in Google search results. In essence, the better you have your SEO sorted out, the easier other people will stumble across your blog when looking through Google.

So yeah, it’s a pretty important aspect of making sure your website or blog is successful! But it’s also a bloody confusing thing to get your head around. That’s why I’ve decided I want to help out as much as I can.

I’ve been working in SEO and Digital Marketing for over a decade, so I should be able to help you out… But rather than just spew out a bunch of information, I figured it would be better for you guys to send me the questions that you have, and then I can answer them.

I plan to do this via a YouTube Live session on Saturday 27th May, at 1pm GMT time.

As for how to submit your questions, just fill out the contact form below and they’ll all come straight to my email. And remember; there’s no such thing as a stupid question!

I’ll  be going through them for about an hour or so during the YouTube Live session, but depending on how many questions I get, and if I can’t fit them all into the session, I’ll be writing all of them into a round up post as well. But I would definitely recommend watching the session live, rather than waiting for the round up post, because I will be using the live chat feature so you guys can get involved as well!

So yeah, let me know any of the SEO questions you have, and make sure you check out the YouTube Live session to hear the answers. I’ll be accepting questions until Wednesday 24th, at which time the contact form will be close and replaced with the holding video, ready for the session.

Oh, and you’ll be able to watch the session right here, on this post, as well as on YouTube itself!

Send Your SEO Questions Today!

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