So, today I randomly got a message from someone I haven’t spoken to in years… Someone I made friends with about 20 years ago, and boy, that made me feel really old when I thought about it.

And that got me thinking about how you never really look at how much of your life has gone by. Did you know that Star Wars Episode I came out 18 years ago? In the UK, that moving can drink now! I mean, seriously, when the hell did that happen?

In fact, some of the people that I work with were born after Toy Story released. It’s pretty insane to think about really.

Like my friend… I haven’t spoken to him since I finished GCSEs, almost 10 years ago. But in my head its just been a few years, not a decade! And now I find out that he’s gotten married and has 3 kids, the youngest of which is going to be 4 soon. It’s actually pretty damn wierd and took me back when he told me. Because in my head, he was still the guy I knew 10 years ago…

It’s funny how quickly things change really… And how fast time goes by… Soon enough (or rather, too soon) my daughter will be going off to school, and have sleep overs at friends…

Growing up is always something I imagined would take a long time and happen slowly. Oh boy was I wrong… Do you have any stories about strange and wierd revelations? Like how Eminem’s daughter, Hayley, that he always rapped about is now an adult? Let me know in the comments below!