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Caesars Palace is a kind of huge collection of a wide variety of gambling, from simple lotteries to various free slots and tables with roulette and blackjack, so you can bet in various games. In the gambling game like this one, it will not hurt you to know the codes and various secrets with tricks, as well as small tips on playing the game.

Cheat Codes to play free slots

The password is entered at the very beginning of the game in a special machine (similar to an ATM). Where the word “Quickashier!” is written. In order to enter a letter from the virtual keyboard with symbols, you need to place the hand cursor on the letter you need, and then press the B button. If you make a mistake, then the letter can be erased using the Backspace button symbol located in the lower-left corner of the keyboard, in the form of an arrow looking to the left. To enter the password, you need to press the OK button on the keyboard, or click on the additional red button near the inscription Enter Password . If the password is entered incorrectly or it does not exist, you will see the inscription Invalid Password. If the password is entered correctly, then you will immediately go into the game.

All passwords consist of 16 characters.

Please note that most of the passwords in the game are generated, so there can be different codes for almost the same action.

Codes for money will allow you to play free slots:

8RS-TSGMFNRQJTCG – Start the game with the maximum amount of money 9999900 $ and the name MAX.

9TX6BXGM556WZN81 – Start the game with $ 1,000,000 and the name MEGATRON.

9NX6BXGM556WZN81 – Start the game with $ 5,000,000 and the name MEGATRON.

9RX6BXGM556WZN81 – Start the game with a loan of $ 9,000,000 and the name MEGATRON.

GRS-TSGM556WZN81 – Start the game with the maximum amount of money 9999900 $ and the name MEGATRON.

9N87G4ZWYZ2YYFCG – Start the game with $ 78,126 with the name KIRILL.

9TZR8NDCFZGH55CG – Start the game with $ 1,511,200 and the name WARREN.

9RX6BXGM556WZN81 – Start the game with a loan of $ 9,000,000 and the name BIGDADDY.

Here are a few tips on how to play the game (in case you’ve lost your user’s manual):

  • How to sit down and play slot machines (same applies for all other casino games). In order to sit at a gaming table or slot machine, go to it and press any of the buttons A, B, C or Start;
  • How to exit a mini-game / table / slot machine. In order to finish and leave the game, you must simultaneously press the Down + Start buttons;
  • Hint / How to find out the rules of the game. In order to learn more about the rules of the game you want to play, you need to enter it and press the combination of the START + Up buttons. You will see the Help screen with the rules of the game, and a hint on how to manage and what to do;
  • How to change the name. You cannot change the name during the game;
  • Why can’t I get up from the slot machine? Exit from the slot machine with the Start + Down combination may not work, because you already put the money into the slot machine, and now you first need to make a move (spend it) before you exit.

Little secret (Easter egg)

You can leave the institution at any time, for this you need to go to the main exit and press the B button. Then you will see a road sign with the inscription Now Leaving Las Vegas. Behind it will be the credits and the logo of the game, after which the game will reboot and start over. You can use this option to restart the game if you go bankrupt in the game and want to start over.

Helpful hints:

  • As already mentioned, the code is generated in the game, which means that you can record it at any time, so that if you fail, start everything from that place. Thus, before taking big risks, it is better to go in and write down a password.
  • To play at a table with high stakes, you need to have a good supply of large chips (a large amount of money).

If you know any secrets, codes, tricks, useful tips for this game, please tell about them in the comments below, I’m really interested to know more secrets about this game. If you want to try modern online casino games you can check out the website.


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