Ever wished that you could make an income playing video games? There are a surprising number of ways in which you can make money gaming. Here are just several examples…

Enter a gaming tournament

Gaming tournaments are by far the hardest way to earn money. However, the possible cash prizes can be big – Esports regularly gives away millions to winners. You’ll need to be a pro to be in for a chance of winning one of these tournaments. That said you may be able to start your own local tournament as a way of making a bit of extra money – by charging an entry fee of $5, you can then put all this money into a pot and give it to the winner.

Try your hand at online casino games

You can also make money from online casino games – although this strategy is largely down to luck. The best online casinos tend to offer free games and incentives to new players, which can reduce the risk of loss. It’s possible to take advantage of these new player incentives and make a lot of money.

Start a gaming YouTube channel

Many gamers have been able to make money simply by recording gameplay footage, putting a commentary on top and uploading it to YouTube. In fact, some of the most high-earning YouTubers such as Pewdiepie started by creating these ‘Let’s Play’ videos. Making money from these videos requires amassing thousands if not millions of views in order to gain a steady stream of money from ad revenue. To do this, your content needs to be engaging. YouTube has been tightening up its copyright laws in recent years, which has made it harder to make money through these videos. It depends very much on the game you choose to play and how you use it.

Write gaming reviews

It’s also possible to make money by playing games and then writing reviews of them. Gaming journalists are paid to write various articles related to video games – which often involves reviews of the latest games. On top of having a passion for gaming, you’ll generally need to be a good writer with possibly a journalism qualification. Some people are able to break into this industry simply by contributing to blogs, gaining a reputation for themselves until they are able to get work from a major publication (which is where the money is).

Test video games for a living

Another way to make money gaming is to become a video games tester. This involves getting paid by developers to test a game for bugs and suggest improvements. To get into this profession, you’ll usually need some coding know-how and a software development/programming qualification. Some people work freelance whilst others are able to get a full-time position at a major gaming developer.